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Sonic Travel Toothbrush

Sonic Travel Toothbrush


Model: 840

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Go Travel, Sonic Travel Toothbrush 

Gone are the days when using travel products meant compromising your health. This multi-colored sonic toothbrush allows the replaceable bristle head to vibrate at more than 20,000 micro vibrations a minute. The Sonic Travel Toothbrush from Design GO is easy to pack. It has its own hygienic protective case, an extra head, and an included AAA battery. 

sonic travel toothbrush, design go

Sonic Travel Toothbrush Prevents Dental Problems

A regular electric toothbrush has bristles that oscillate at about 7500 rpm.

The bristles on the Design GO Sonic Travel Toothbrush oscillate at 20,000 micro vibrations per minute. This higher speed causes the fluids around the teeth to oscillate as well, cleaning much more efficiently between your teeth and below the gum line!

Sonic Travel Toothbrush Features 

  • Handy travel battery powered toothbrush
  • Astonishing 20,000 micro vibrations per minute
  • Quality design from Design Go
  • Hygienic protective case

Sonic Travel Toothbrush is Hygienic

The Design GO Sonic Travel Toothbrush comes complete with its own hard plastic pack-away travel case to keep it from getting dirty inside your luggage and more sanitary at all times. The cover is simply slipped over the head of the toothbrush and snapped closed.

Studies have indicated that toothbrushes can contaminate each other when stored together in a common storage space. The hygienic protective case cover keeps it protected at all times. 


Sonic Travel Toothbrush Does Not Need a Separate Charger - Less  Weight When Traveling

This wonderful little battery operated toothbrush comes with its own AAA battery. No need to carry a charger like for other electric toothbrushes. This gem takes up less space your travel kit than an electric toothbrush and it's so much more effective than a manual one. Then why carry a charger or put up with a manual toothbrush when you can have this one?

Replacement head is included. 

Two heads are included.

sonic travel toothbrush, replacement head


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Sonic Travel Toothbrush Specifications

  • Non-disposable sonic toothbrush
  • Vibrates at 20,000 micro-vibrations a minute
  • Comes with its own hygienic protective case
  • Operates on (1) AAA battery which is included
  • Includes 2 heads so you have an extra one when needed.
  • Size: 6½ inches long, by 1¼ inches wide
  • Item Weight: 2 ounces (100 g)
  • Available in assorted colors: Purple, Green and Yellow
  • Model No. 840

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Small and light weight this is a great alternative to packing my big sonic toothbrush and its base that I use at home. Since it runs on a battery I never worry that this travel one will run out of power. It does a really good job too. PERFECT travel item.