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Travel Door Alarm with LED Flashlight
  • Travel Door Alarm with LED Flashlight
  • Portable Travel Door Alarm with Included Flashlight
  • Travel Door Alarm with LED Flashlight
  • Travel Door Alarm with LED Flashlight
  • Travel Door Alarm with LED Flashlight

Travel Door Alarm with LED Flashlight


Model: SE-0203OR

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Portable Travel Door and Window Alarm for Airbnb, Hotels, Dorms, & Home

Sleep a little more soundly knowing your portable door alarm is guarding your door. Take this small, lightweight and easy to pack alarm with you and make security your constant travel companion. The Portable Door and Window Alarm is easy to use and fits most doors and windows in hotels, Airbnb's and homes. Simply hang the travel door and window alarm on the inside handle of your hotel door, or in the crack where the window closes. If door or window is opened, a piercing 120 decibel alarm sounds. 

How the Portable Door and Window Alarm Works

The Portable Door and Window Alarm is extremely easy to use and takes only 5 seconds to setup. On the bottom of the Portable Alarm is a clip that holds two slim silver prongs. The prongs are attached to the Portable Alarm with a wire and are held together with a clear plastic cover. 

Slide off the cover (save the cover as you'll want to replace it when the alarm is not in use) and the prongs will separate causing a loud alarm to sound alerting you that the door and window alarm is functioning properly. Use your fingers to squeeze the prongs together to stop the alarm.

Locate a space in the door or window jamb and slide the closed prongs between the frame. As long as the door or window remains closed the Travel Door and Window Alarm will remain silent.

If the door or window is opened (even a little bit) the Travel Alarm will loosen from its placement causing the prongs to separate and the alarm to sound. Not only is the high-pitched alarm a great warning to you, but it is likely to startle and scare off an unsuspecting intruder.

When the Portable Travel Alarm is not in use, the sensor slides back into the alarm. Nothing to turn on or off...the battery is used only when the alarm sounds.

travel door alarm, flashlight

Where to Use the Portable Door and Window Alarm

  • Doors and windows Airbnbs
  • Hotels and Hostels
  • Homes, condos, and apartments
  • Train compartments
  • Dorm rooms
  • Boats and house boats
  • Campers

The Portable Door and Window Alarm can be used to secure a variety or doors and windows with the use of the included 6 inch long strap that allows the alarm to hang freely from door knobs or window latches.

Portable Alarm Includes Built-In Flashlight

For an added security feature the end cap of the Portable Door Alarm has a bright LED flashlight.

Illuminate darkened doorways, car key slots, or  use it to help you find your way in a power outage.
The built-in flashlight can be used when the alarm is not armed. 

Portable Window Security Alarm

If you have ever had to stay in a hotel room on the first floor that had window that opened to the street, you may have had concerns. This portable alarm is a great tool to help when you have these types of windows by providing a way to alarm the window if opened while you were sleeping or away from your room.  

Great Airbnb Security Device

Airbnb's are very popular today, however sometimes you might want a little extra securty on doors and windows of Airbnb homes and apartments. The Portable Door and Window Alarm is a great portable security product that you can easily take with you on the road.

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Portable Travel Door Alarm Specifications

  • Power: 2 button-cell Lithium batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.75" Depth: 0.5" Width: 1.25 
  • Color: Charcoal Grey/Silver
  • 6 inch strap
  • Model: SE-0203OR
  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • UPC Code: 1 8553500059 3

Portable Door Alarm Features

  • Enhances security while traveling
  • Easy to set up on any door or window
  • High pitched 100 bB alarm alarm triggered when vibration detected
  • Handy LED flashlight function
  • Can be used on any door
  • Includes 2 x CR2032 batteries
  • Please note: Make sure plastic band is removed to separate two metal pins to activate alarm

Portable door and window alarm that emits a piercing 120 decibel alarm.


The door alarm w/LED light worked like a charm. Very good quality and given the area I was in, it came in use in the hotel I was just gave the little extra insurance so I could sleep at night.Quick set up and the alarm is loud. I wish I had a few more!!