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Prep For Your Peace of Mind!

Travel Planning

The secret to worry-free travel is preparation! Here are the fundamental preparation strategies to help you start on a stress- free journey. Preparation is everything when it comes to international trips and packing. Forget an essential item and you waste time and most likely money trying to find it in your destination. Pack too much and you end up burdened with heavy bags and possible pricey airline baggage fees particularly on your return trip when you bags are loaded with souvenirs.Click Here for A Complete Packing Checklist!


1. Bring Your Health Insurance Information

Call health insurer to clarify coverage when overseas and in transit. Make a copy of policy and card. Ask what your coverage more!

Be sure to have an Emergency Travel File!




2. Check Your Travel Documents

Check country requirements regarding passports, visas, driving rules etc. Some countries will ban you from entry if your passport doesn't have at least six months validity beyond your planned departure. Some require vaccination certificates and many require visas, arranged before you leave home. Remember to add each document you need to your packing more!


3. Have a Contingency Plan for Lost or Stolen Documents

Make copies of important documents including prescriptions, driving licenses, charge/ATM card account numbers, transportation, and lodging information. It’s also a good idea to record the special telephone numbers necessary to deal with the loss of any charge/ATM cards you carry. Make a copy of all this information and keep it in a safe location or consider using on-line storage for your backup information. E-mail document copies to yourself, thus effectively storing them in your email. For security, add a digit to the end and beginning of each number you store. U.S. Citizens can avail themselves of the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) when traveling or living abroad. This allows you to enter information about yourself so that the Department of State can better assist (or contact) you in emergency situations (including disasters, political unrest, etc.) more!


4. Know Your Airline's Baggage Rules and Fees

Before you begin packing review your airline's website and read its baggage policy. This is something you might even want to do prior to purchasing your plane ticket, especially if you're checking luggage. Don't forget to read their rules about carry-on bags either. ITravel with a luggage scale, it can save you money. Some airlines charge $100 per each bag over 50 pounds.



5. Contact Your Cell Phone Service Provider For Usage Rates in Your Destination Country

Roaming charges are extremely expensive and can be easily avoided when prepared. Whether you contact your service provider prior to departure or purchase an international phone, will save you money! more!





6. Charge All Electronics!

Your cell phone, laptop, iPad and all other electronic devices you’re planning to pack should be charged the day before your trip. Do you have the correct adapters? Converter for you're out of the country? more!

Smartphone Security Tips!






7. Visit the Bank

By doing this the day before your trip, you’re avoiding surprise ATM fees on the road and saving time by not having to seek out an ATM in an unfamiliar destination. A good strategy for traveling abroad is to get foreign currency at a bank, which is usually better than rates offered at any airport exchange more!




8. Download

At home, you have unlimited access to your WiFi, so it’s a good idea to download your choice of entertainment and useful travel apps prior to the best smartphone travel apps!

Also, beware of "Rogue WiFi Networkswhile traveling!




9. Confirm, Confirm & Confirm! 

Confirm everything and anything that you’ve booked in advance…double checking can’t hurt & while you’re at it, ask if any room/seat upgrades are available.




10. Assess Bill Payments & Avoid Identity Theft

If for any reason you get stuck overseas and can’t make it back home in time to pay a bill, don’t risk the penalty and take care of all payments prior to more!

Be sure you are RFID Protected! Click here for more information.





11. Call Your Bank & Credit Card Company

Contact the customer service departments of the cards you plan on taking - you want to tell them about your travel plans - specifically when and where you'll be traveling.  Your card company might suspect suspicious activity if charges made in another city other than your hometown show up on your more!




12. Even Fly Coach in Comfort...

Travel in comfort and arrive well rested!  Many airlines have scaled back on in-flight amenities, plan ahead and take your own clean travel blankets and travel pillows for onboard comfort and peace of mind. Tips for In-Flight Comfort!

Flight Comfort Accessories



13. Make Your Trip Through the Airport a Breeze


First, you need to get through TSA security screening without disrobing or losing your valuables.  TSA friendly belts won’t set off the metal detector and TSA accepted luggage locks to keep your luggage zippers secured! Our personal favorite, the TSA80 luggage lock.

Read more about Thefts at Airport Screening!



14. Is Your Hotel Safe Really Safe? 


Hotels must have a passcode or key to access safes which guests have forgotten the combination to. So, unfortunately, your safe is not 100% secure. The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock is an additional layer of security you place on your room safe that is a visual deterrent and tamper evident. And don’t forget a portable travel safe for larger items, (laptop or camera gear) which may not fit inside a safe..




15. Security While Out & About


Just a couple seconds of being distracted or bumped in a crowd and BAM! your valuables are gone into the hands of a pickpocket. Anti-theft wallets, purses and bags are your source for peace of mind and more!

Read more about Pickpocket Prevention!




16. Stop Deliveries

Visit to use their Hold Mail Service, which holds your mail up to 30 consecutive days (subject to change). It will prevent a buildup of mail on your doorstep which is a sure sign no one is home! A pile of newspapers or a stuffed mailbox welcomes thieves into your more!




17. Leave House Key & Trip Itinerary with a Trusted Neighbor

For safety reasons, tell someone where you're going. No matter how tempting it is, try not to publicize it on Facebook or Twitter, where strangers and thieves could acquire that your home will be unattended, their perfect more!





18. Traveler Beware! 

An Undercover Cops Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets,
Laptop Theft, and Travel Scams!

By Detective Kevin Coffey

75 minutes

Without fail, all of the frequent travelers, who have listened to this program have learned something and recommend it. Click here to purchase!