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Travel Size Laundry Soap 10 Pack Kit

Travel Size Laundry Soap 10 Pack Kit

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Woolite Travel Size Laundry Soap 10 Pack KitWoolite travel laundry packets

Woolite Travel Size Laundry Soap lets you wash and re-wear your clothes when traveling. This is the way to travel today – By washing your clothing while on the road you can pack less, keeping within the new airline luggage weight restrictions. 

Perfect for washing smaller clothing items such as undergarments, socks, and light-weight t-shirts. This gentle wash won't cause shrinking, stretching or fading. Ideal for delicate and regular clothes.

Woolite Travel Size Laundry Soap 10-Pack Kit - Clothing Care Essentials for your Next Trip

Ten (10) Woolite travel size liquid detergent packets. Each packet washes 2-3 garments depending on size.

Woolite, a trusted brand name, is a gentle detergent that can be used for all fabrics and is phosphate free and biodegradable. Works great, even in cold water.

Each travel sized Woolite liquid detergent packet is .25 ounces (7.39mL)

If it's been awhile since you have done laundry in your hotel room sink or bath tub, click here for a refresher on what to do.


Woolite Travel Size Laundry Soap 10 Pack Kit Specifications

  • UPC Code: 029275018886
  • Model No: 733 

Woolite Travel Size Laundry Soap 10-Pack Kit Features

  • Carry fewer clothes, because you can do a quick wash anywhere
  • Save money by reducing laundry charges on the road
  • Avoids loss of bottles of detergent soap at TSA security check points
  • Great for dealing with unexpected spills on your favorite clothing
  • Includes 10 liquid Woolite packets
  • Each packet will wash appx 2 to 3 garments depending on bulk
  • Special cold water liquid detergent is phosphate free
  • Biodegradable
  • Woolite does not contain fabric softener or bleach
  • Made for cold water hand washing
  • Low suds make for less mess and wringing out
  • Won’t cause shrinking, stretching or fading