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Traveler Beware! Audio Book

Traveler Beware! Audio Book

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Traveler Beware! An Undercover Cops Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets, Laptop Theft, and Travel Scams, by Detective Kevin Coffey


An information rich audio CD dedicated to teaching how to be a savvy traveler by preventing theft and scams while traveling.  A full program providing advice and tips on how to outfox professional thieves and protect your luggage, laptops, briefcases or purses while on the road. 

Without fail, all of the frequent travelers, who have listened to this tape have learned something and recommend it. If you are a high school graduate taking your first backpacking trip across Europe or a serious road warrior who travels 100 times a year you are guaranteed to learn something from Detective Coffey. 

This program tells you how you can decrease your victim potential and reduce your chances of becoming a mark for professional thieves, pickpockets, and con-artists. It describes the latest scams that can occur in locations where there are many travelers are such as airports, taxi cabs, shuttle buses and even in public bathrooms!

Realistically, you have a much greater risk falling victim to a pickpocket than to a violent crime while traveling. Many travelers think of themselves as "travel wise" when it comes to avoiding crime while on the road. However, even the savviest road warrior will learn something from this veteran detective.


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Here is Listing of the Content and What You Can Expect to Learn from this CD


When it comes to crimes committed against travelers, the theft of property ranks number one, and usually, pickpockets or street thieves are the culprits. You will learn about the various types of thieves you may come up against and gain proactive strategies on how to protect you and your property from the hands of sneaky street thieves, gypsy kids, or professional distraction theft teams who make a living by targeting travelers property. 

Laptop Theft Prevention

Laptop theft is growing problem facing both companies and individual travelers alike. The loss of data passwords and so much more can be devastating.  Traveler Beware provides solid advice on protecting laptops in the office, rental cars, hotel, and other locations where they are susceptible to theft so that your laptop will always be in the right hands (yours) while on the road. 

Luggage Pilferage and Theft

Every traveler has either read about luggage being pilfered by dishonest airline or TSA employees or has seen any of the countless TV programs that have covered this topic.  Many of these thefts could have been avoided or mitigated. This section provides information about luggage security, TSA locks “do’s and don’ts”, along with tips on how to avoid having your luggage fall into the wrong hands during the airport handling process. 

Hotel Crime

You have seen the stories about hotels crimes covered on the recent TV broadcasts.  You will hear an insider's point of view on how and why professional thieves target you and your property while staying in even the best of hotels.  Detective Coffey provides solid advice on making sure your valuable property is still in your hotel room when you get back. 

Camera Theft Prevention

Do you travel with an expensive camera? Are concerned your camera gear and images may end up in some street thief’s hands?  Traveler Beware has a section specific to camera security, along with a discussion of the new camera security products that are on the market today. 

After you hear this program you will want to make sure your loved ones hear it too before their very next trip.

About the Author

Detective Kevin Coffey is a leading authority on travel crime.  He has appeared on ABC’s 20/20, Oprah, CNN, CNBC, and is the host of the Travel Channel’s series “Travel Scams and Rip Off’s Revealed.” 

Detective Coffey has investigated thousands of crimes committed against travelers at one of the country's largest international airports and was responsible for identifying the most common locations and methods used by professional thieves who target travelers at airports, hotels, and car rental agencies. He has also conducted thousands of interviews and interrogations of street robbers, luggage thieves, pickpockets, hotel burglars and other types of criminals who prey on the traveling public.

In his off-duty hours, Detective Coffey founded Corporate Travel, a company that specializes in providing travel safety seminars and products. He has personally trained over 60,000 travelers in the area of travel safety and has set up travel safety programs at Fortune 500 companies. Some of his clients include Mattel, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Amgen, Blue Cross and the U.S.government.

He is Media's leading expert when it comes to travel safety. He has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, 20/20, CNN, CNBC, The Today Show, C/Net, The Travel Channel, in addition to more than 100 local television news stations across the country.

Also available as a digital MP# download, so you can listen to it immediately!

Bulk Pricing - Customization

Travel Beware is available at substantial discounts when purchased in bulk.  Additionally, this program's audio content, as well as the printing on the cover can also be customized.  Contact our office for additional information and pricing. 


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Traveler Beware! Audio Book Specifications

Media Type: Audio CD
Length: 75 mins

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