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  • Wrong one funny luggage tag
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  • Wrong one funny luggage tag
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Tude Tag Funny Luggage ID Tags


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The Funniest and Sturdiest Luggage ID Tags You'll Find

Tude tag luggage tag

You've done it, and you have seen others do it  – that is pick up someone else’s luggage by mistake in baggage claim, busy cruise ports, train stations, or busy hotel lobbies. 

These sturdy high-quality Luggage ID Tags are designed to stay connected to your luggage - they won't rip off, they will show your sense of humor, and help your luggage find you if it becomes lost.  

Why You Should Use Tude Tags Funny Luggage ID Tags

  • Large - easily help to identify your bag on the carousel, even at a distance.
  • Deter luggage theft  - reduce the chance of someone else accidentally confusing your bag for theirs.
  • Sturdy -virtually indestructible and will not rip off your bag!
  • Hidden ownership and destination pocket
  • Steel attachment hardware  - not flimsy plastic


useful luggage tags


Does Your Luggage Look Different From Everyone Else?

Not Yours and Wrong One luggage tags are not only used to help find your luggage at airport baggage claim carousels, they are also useful when your bags are being transported with tour groups, cruise ships, train travel, early hotel check in/out periods, convention and trade show booths, or any other situation where your bag may be mixed or confused with someone else's. 


Hidden Ownership/Destination Pocket 

Inside the nylon webbing of the Tude Tag Funny Luggage ID Tags are two, clear plastic sleeve compartments. The first compartment is made for your ownership / personal information. On the other side is a place to hold a copy of your current trip itinerary, so that if your bag gets separated from you, the carrier or finder will know where to forward it to you. 

Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags Features Rugged Construction - Built to Withstand the Airport Luggage Handling Process

Tude Tag funny luggage ID tags are very robust and are almost indestructible to withstand the rigors of baggage handling systems.  All Tude Tags are:

  • Constructed of bright colored, heavy duty polyester webbing with embroidered funny sayings 
  • Large, easy to see (1 ½ x 7 inches) 
  • Virtually indestructible and will not rip off your luggage

sturdy steel attachment At one end of the Tude Tag is a welded steel triangle with a vinyl coated screw-on steel cable (to prevent luggage caught in the baggage handling system) fFor attaching the luggage tag to your bag. Unscrew the cable nut and slide the flexible steel cable around your handle of your luggage and re-screw the steel locking nut to the other end of the locking cable and you're done.

All aspects of the Tude Tags are designed to be “airport baggage system friendly.” They do not have any sharp edges or anything likely to get caught and mangled in the automatic baggage handling systems at airports. Using Tude Tags with steel cables to secure the bag tag is far stronger and "catch-free" than plastic tags or leather tags with buckles.  

Made in USA

Made in Palm Springs, CA USA





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Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags Specifications

  • Material: heavy duty polyester webbing
  • Size: 1 ½" W x 7" L
  • They're virtually indestructible and will not rip off your bag!

Made in USATwo Styles Available

  • "Not Yours" Funny Luggage Tag - Yellow with red letters
  • "Wrong One" Funny Luggage Tag - Yellow with red letters


Great product.


Good Q tag!


Thank You! Just back from travel, and the comments received regarding the Tag were Numerous. Love the tag. I only wish I could put my last name on one side. Perfect for me. Soon, these tags will be Everywhere.