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Waterproof Epi Pen- Insulin Med Waist Pack
  • Waterproof Epi Pen- Insulin Med Waist Pack
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  • Loksak waterproof waist pack
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Waterproof Bag & Waistpack by Loksak

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Waterproof Waistpack Keeps Valuables Including Electronics Dry and Your Hands-Free

Where do you keep your wallet, money and other valuables (including electronics) when you go to the beach, rafting or swimming or the water park?

Certified to be leak-proof to 200 ft

Navy tested
Fits up to 46" waists

Stays secure against body
Two sizes (6x6, 6x9)

This waist pouch with waterproof pouches (Navy tested!) protects your valuables in and around the water. Now you can take your valuables, even electronics with you for security and keep them dry, with the Loksak.

This waterproof waist pack system is so effective; it has been tested and certified to be leak-proof down to 200 feet underwater by the National Association of Scuba Diving Schools, as long as the waterproof bags are sealed properly. This waterproof pouch is large enough to carry a phone or digital camera. 

Here's How the Loksak System Works

First, you place your valuables into the clear loksak ziplock type bag. Then you place the sealed loksak bag into the waist pouch (Splashsak) and close it with its rust-proof zipper. Fasten the waterproof waist pack around your waist; your hands are free, and your valuables remain dry and safe with you!

1. Place Valuables in Pouch                     2.   Place Pouch in Waist Pack                                                  

LOKSAK | Waterproof Bag aLOKSAK, dry, swim, pool, electronics

 Loksafe waterproof bag and wasit pack system
The loksak is a must-have for cruises.  It’s also a great idea for any day on the beach or boating adventure.  You can carry cash, keys and a camera with you and take them right into the water. Nobody has to stay behind to keep an eye on things, and you don’t have to worry about losing the car keys when you’re splashing in the ocean. Keep your stuff dry and safe, while you enjoy yourself.

Protect Your Valuables with Waterproof Bags / Waist Packs

  • Wallets, cash, credit cards
  • Keys with remote keyless entry FOB's
  • Cell phones and digital camera
  • Prescriptions - Epi-Pen 

The Aloksak waterproof bags have been used by the U.S. government for anthrax containment. The U.S. Navy has tested and approved them to be leak-proof for long-term submersion to depths exceeding 190 feet. In a sealed Aloksak bag, electronics, money, cell phones, passports, matches, books, batteries, medications, remote keyless entry devices, documents, film, food, jewelry and much more are 100% protected from water.

Extremely Strong and Durable

Aloksak waterproof bags are reusable and durable. Made from medical grade FDA approved material. This 6mm thick film of plastic is 100 times the tear and puncture resistance of conventional plastic bags and has a lower crack tolerance than PVC. 

Epi-Pen Waterproof Case

If you carry an Epi-Pen, you know that the case is not waterproof. The waterproof pouches will hold a couple of EpiPens (without the outer case) and one if left inside the protective case.   

Just How Exceptional are LOKSAK bags?

National Geographic's Adventure Magazine equipment issue said LOKSAK was among the items voted "The Very Best of the Best New Gear." World champion adventure racers like Ian Adamson and Team NIKE take our products into the most extreme conditions imaginable--and win.


made in USA

Made in USA


  • Regular with 2 Loksak bags, 6" x 6"

  • Large with 2 Loksak bags,    9" x 6”  

Additional Features of the Waterproof Waist Pack

  • Waterproof waist pack is made of a 420 denier nylon pack cloth, which is a light weight, quick-drying fabric.
  • The waist strap adjusts for 31 to 46 inches in length.
  • The zipper on the Splash Caddy is durable and rust-proof.

Additional Features of the Inner Waterproof Container Pouch

  • Each Aloksak Waterproof Waist Pack comes with 2 Aloksak bags, enough for multiple vacations.
  • Certified submersible and waterproof up to a depth of 200 feet (60m) by the National AssAssociation of Scuba Diving Schools, USA.
  • Tested and approved by the US Navy - the only bag on the market to make this claim.
  • Made from medical grade FDA approved material, 6mm film of plastic.
  • 100 times the tear and puncture resistance of conventional plastic bags.
  • Multi-patented and guaranteed liquid and airtight by the manufacturer.
  • Each bag is made from a 6mm film that has a lower crack tolerance than PVC.
  • Cold rated to -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Clear material allows easy viewing of bag contents.


Locksak waterproof bag and waistpack system is vesatile