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Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag
  • Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag
  • Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag
  • Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag interior view
  • Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag pockets
  • Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag
  • Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag flap open
  • worn as belt bag
  • Waterproof Travel Belt Bag
  • Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag

Waterproof Travel Neck Pouch / Belt Bag


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AquaQuest Waterproof Neck and Belt Pouch

This waterproof neck and belt pouch is a two-for-one. It is a neck pouch which you can wear dry under your clothes and it is waterproof, so can wear it swimming too. Keep your valuables with you even when you go into the water!  And if you prefer adjust the neck pouch to be a belt pouch. Just slide it onto your belt for even more security. This water tight neck pouch is the perfect waterproof neck pouch for items you want to conceal or keep close at hand, like your passport, cash, wallet, keys, at times!

Designed for water sport, travel, mountain biking, & adventure. Never leave your valuables behind on the beach again - just take them into the water with you into the ocean or swimming pool, or when used in water sports. We even had one traveler tell us he wore his neck pouch into the shower at a youth hostel!

Watertight Sealing System - Keeps Contents Safe from Water! 

This 100% watertight neck and belt pouch features superb construction that ensures the main compartment remains water tight and allow the pack to be full short term submersion without leakage. The following is a description of the bag's waterproofing features construction features.

waterproof neck pouch

Dual Press Lock Seals

The bag's interior compartment features dual press lock seals, similar to zip locks.  Most other waterproof bags on the market only feature one press lock.

Waterproof Roll Top Secondary Closure Feature

This is the waterproof pouch's primary waterproof sealing system. Designed just like professional roll over waterproof bags that you see used on rafting trips, this pack works the same way.

The top of the neck pouch is designed to be rolled over and secured with two separate 5 inches long, by 3/4 inch wide Velcro strips. Additionally, a 1/8 inch wide water gusset is mounted into the bag's first roll, which is another patented feature to help keep out water, dust, or outside elements.Patented 'Seal-Tight' Roll-Over Closure System.    

Waterproof Bag Construction and Material

The Aqua Quest Waterproof Pouch is made from a durable and abrasion resistant Oxford 70D RipStop nylon material which also features a TPU Laminate Coating. This is a light-weight nylon fabric interwoven with ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern, which enhances the bag's waterproof and rip resistant ability. All of the bag's internal seams also feature RF (radio frequency) welding for additional waterproof protection.


Organizational Compartments

This waterproof pouch was designed to hold a variety of compartments in 7 storage pockets which are listed in the product specifications tab.  


Use the Waterproof Neck Pouch in All of your Outdoor Water Activities

  • Kayaking
  • Surfing - underneath a wetsuit or trunks
  • Swimming at the beach or pool
  • Snorkeling
  • While at the water park
  • Boating and rowers
  • Hiking
  • Mountain bikers & cyclists
  • Outdoor adventurers
  • Camping
  • Travelers who want to protect and secure their valuables in or out of water, while keeping them handy! 


Aqua Quest Water Proof Neck Pouch Fits Around Your Neck or Can Be Worn on Your Belt

While the Aqua Quest Waterproof Neck Pouch is obviously designed to be worn around your neck, the strap is fully adjustable so it can be adjusted to worn tightly around your neck, or adjusted so the pouch hangs low on your stomach, allowing it to be easily covered by a swim shirt.  The neck strap is adjusted by strap's triguide adjuster.  

What' makes this neck pouch different from others on the market is that it can be worn not just around the neck, but also worn on your belt.  Sewn on the back side of the waterproof neck pouch is a belt loop which allows the pack to slid onto a belt up to 2 1/4 inches wide. The belt loop is 5 inches long, which provide additional security so it won't be easily torn off.


Wear it Dry as a Money Belt- Flat Design is Sleek 

The pouch's overall design features a smooth, flat, design and fit so you can wear it concealed beneath your clothing. Additionally, this Aqua Quest Waterproof Neck Pouch is extremely light and weighs in as just 3.35 ounces (95 grams).  


Comfortable Back Panel - Doubles as a security money neck pouch outside of the water and under your clothes

This bag also doubles as a hidden neck pouch and can be easily worn outside of the water, under your clothes.  What makes this bag comfortable against the skin, is Cambrelle®, a quick drying soft mesh material that keeps your skin, cooler, drier, and more comfortable than many other money belts - which is very important when the pack is worn in hot or humid climates. 

The bi-component fibers in Cambrelle® produces microscopic air pockets that not only allow air to circulate to help wick away sweat and moisture when worn dry as a security money belt. It also adds cushioning helps to prevent with the prevention and build up of bacteria that can cause mildew and odor.


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AquaQuest Waterproof Neck Pouch Specifications

  • Color: Front: Navy Blue, Back: Black, Strap: Gray
  • Material: Durable and abrasion resistant Oxford 70D rip stop nylon, which also features a TPU laminate coating, welded seam construction for suburb strength and impermeability 
  • Exterior Size: 9" tall x 6" wide
  • 7 Pockets (including waterproof pocket)
  • Waterproof Compartment Size: 6" tall x 4.5" wide
  • Additional Non Waterproof Pocket Sizes: (1) 5" wide x 6" deep, (1) 5" wide x 3" deep, (1) 6.5" deep x 5" wide, (1) 8.5" deep x 5" wide, (1) zippered compartment on the outside of the front flap: 5" wide x 5" deep, (1) back of pouch (side worn against body is an open top pocket): 8.5" tall x 5" wide
  • Can be worn on belt loop: accepts belts 2.5" wide
  • Model Number: 170
  • Manufacturer: AquaQuest
  • Weight: 3.35 oz / 95 grams 

AquaQuest Waterproof Neck Pouch Additional Features

  • (1) 100% waterproof pocket + 6 additional pockets (which are not waterproof)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Double zip-lock seal with an additional Velcro flap for a complete watertight closure
  • Comfortable cambrelle mesh rear panel, fully adjustable neck strap for superior comfort, suitable for men and women of all sizes 


Found this perfect for water rides. Not sure if I'm ready to take it scuba diving. I've only used it once while on vacation, and we did a water-park excursion. This is going to be handy for any day trip where you don't want to lug a purse around. You can fit quite a bit in here overall, and then carry it cross-body, around the waist, or neck. Very handy accessory.