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Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip
  • Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip
  • Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip
  • Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip - Unlocked
  • Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip - Locked
  • Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip - Open
  • Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip
  • Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip - Closed

Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip

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Keep Unwanted Hands out of Your Handbag or Backpack with the Purse Zipper Lock

Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip

Pickpockets are opportunists who steal valuables from backpacks, purses, and briefcases. Why make it easy for them to access your belongings...or even your identity? The Zipper Lock, an anti-theft device, is a low cost, easy to use deterrent that won't interfere with your access to your bag.  Keep it attached to your zipper pull on your bag, and use when you feel the need, so it's convenient and always handy.

The Zipper Lock is Easy to Use

Turn lock to line up to a number, now you can pull it apart. Want to close and lock it. Insert the pin side back into the lock side and give it a quick turn, it is that fast and easy!  Get in and out of your bag quickly and easily with Zipper Lock with your one-digit access code in less than 2 seconds.

The Zipper Lock is designed with a clock face cylinder and a pointer key. Every unit comes with a one-digit code.  To open, push the pointer key in and rotate it to the correct number (code) on the clock face. To lock, simply snap the pointer key back in and twist in any direction. The Zipper Lock is small and lightweight, and gives you peace of mind in knowing that it is a visual deterrent...without being a visual eyesore. Commuters, travelers, school children or anyone on the go will love the Zip R Lok.    

The  Zipper Lock provides security from unwanted unzipping of your bag, yet it only takes 1-2 seconds for you to open it. Feel more secure about your valuables with the Zipper Lock installed on your purse, travel bag, backpack, or fanny pack.   

Zip-R-Lock Purse Security ClipThe Zipper Lock is not a lock, but a deterrent. It requires two hands to open, so that even the most experienced pickpocket will have difficulty opening your bag unobserved.

If you carry a purse, or backpack keeping it safe from pickpockets is hard. This is a unique product that you can put on your purse or almost any bag to help keep unwanted hands out. Why make it easy for the pickpocket to access your belongings?

The Zipper Lock offers a visual deterrent along with convenience that regular locks do not have. Locks make it difficult getting in and out of your bag quickly and easily. With the Zipper Lock, it takes less than 2 seconds to gain access to your bag.  The Zipper Lock is small, lightweight, and easy to use. Its one step to lock or unlock design is user friendly. Great for travelers or anyone using the train, subway, or who visits crowded places and wants a little peace of mind.

How to Secure the Zipper Lock

The Zipper Lock is designed with a clock face cylinder with a pointer key. Every Zipper Lock lock comes with its individual one digit code. Once the pointer key is facing the correct number on the clock face, the Zipper Lock "snaps" open. To lock simply snap the pointer key hack in and twist in any direction. 

How the Zipper Lock Attaches to a Bag

Arrange the Zipper Lock so you can open it conveniently and naturally, rotating the key with your dominant hand. With only one zipper-slide on your bag, the Zipper Lock cylinder attaches to the zipper-side and the key attaches to the body of the bag ion the zipper-closed position. If the bag has two zipper-slides, then the Zipper Lock can be installed between the two slides, facing your preferred direction.  

The split rings open for attaching. You can attach the split-ring directly to the zipper-pull, or you can remove the zipper-pull and attach the split ring through the zipper-slide opening where the zipper-pull attaches. You can also attach the split-ring to the body of the bag, looping it through an existing strap or ring. 

How the Zipper Lock Attaches to a Purse or Bag with Just One Zipper Pull

The Zipper Lock cylinder attaches to the zipper side of the key attaches to the body of the bag, using the included (included with this package) in the zipper closed position. If you use the Zipper Lock anchor on your bag, attach the chain directly to the anchor post before it is pushed through the surface of the bag and secured on the inside using the screw on anchor nut. 

Zip R Lock Specifications

  • Dimensions:  Size: 5" (127mm) end to end 2" cylinder (50.8mm)
  • Weight: 0.4 oz (11.34 grams)
  • Material: Polycarbonate plastic 
  • Color: Black

Note: Different colors shown in pictures are for visual reference only. 

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