7 Scary Things to Watch Out for in Your Hotel Room

BY Travel Writer

Hotels are great, and your room is often a home away from home…but you may not be the only guest living there. These hotel terrors came just in time for Halloween, beware and be aware of the living spaces for unwelcome guests.



1) Remote Controls

One of the dirtiest things you can find in a hotel room may just come as a shock! In various studies, the remote in the room has been tested as the sky-high hosts for bacteria. Some hotels have replaced buttons with smoother services to allow thorough cleaning, but some remain dirtier than ever. Avoid this by bringing a zip lock bag. Bag the remote and voilà! Still working and germ free!




2) Bedding

Unlike the sheets, the duvet cover or bedspread may not be washed after every guest. It consumes a lot of water and takes up a lot of space. Avoid using it and take it off the bed right away. If you get cold, ask for more blankets from room service.




3) Ice Buckets

You never know what someone put in there, or even did in there, gross! Always make sure that your ice bucket has a plastic liner bag over it, especially if you’re planning on putting the ice in your drink. If not, make sure to call the front desk and ask for one that does.




4) Telephones

Want to call someone but instead catch a cold? Think about it, telephones can be one of the biggest hosts for germs. People may sneeze, cough, or even spit while using it. Make sure to bring alcohol wipes and sanitize the whole phone. Or just stick to using your cell.




5) Glasses

Many hotel chains do not clean the glasses after every guest. They may just have been wiped to look clean. There have been incidents caught on camera where such things have been done! Can you say yuck! Bring your own glass or use a disposable cup.




6) Floors

Having your hotel room feel like home is nice and all, but never walk around barefoot. Most of the time, hotels do not sterilize and deep wash the carpets between guests. Make sure to wear socks or slippers.





7) Coffee Makers

Wake up and smell the nasty! Coffee may be a great way to wake up, but you don’t know how many creepy crawlers or germs reside inside the machine. Either wash it thoroughly with hot water several times or just grab your coffee from a nearby café.