7 Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad

BY Travel Writer

Going on a vacation is exciting and fun, but being unhealthy while you’re away is not. You want to stay healthy while traveling There are ways to stay fit while still being able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Even keeping these tips in mind can go a long way to keeping your immune system strong. Check out these simple tips!


FP4R72OQII1) Walk When You Can – if time allows, always opt to walk,  there are tons of places to see and many walking tours that are often free! You can also download a free pedometer app to track your steps (bragging rights to friends when you come home).




SVHF6MUWVZ2) Water and Hygiene – this is an obvious must! Enjoying great new food is fun but also can make your stomach upset. Make sure to keep hydrated and clean while you’re away so that you can enjoy your stay to the max. Staying in your hotel ain’t fun.




171KGI3VPL3) Beach or Water Sports – if there is a body of pool nearby, get your blood pumping by swimming laps or jumping around in the water. Even running or walking on the beach can add resistance for a little more of a challenge!




O2I8IVLWVA4) Portion Control – we definitely know that food abroad can be overwhelmingly delicious and exciting, but remember to watch your portions. Eat slow and try not to overeat, it also allows you to save room for more food later.




5) 7 Ways to Stay Healthy AbroadSnacks – Prepare and eat some healthy snacks like fresh fruits, veggies, or nuts rather than grabbing a dessert at the cafe. Save money and calories!




7 Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad6) Make Friends – hold each other accountable and encourage each other to stay fit. Explore together and bring a workout into it.




7 Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad7) Bike Rather Than Use a Taxi – Not only do you save money on taxi’s, biking is one of the greatest ways to get around a town easily while getting in a moderate exercise. It’s also great and fun to do with friends.