A Street Smart Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets – Actual Pickpocket Videos – Version 5

BY Ellen

This is Part 5 of the pickpocket videos post. If you came to this pickpocket video page first, it is recommended that you visit the first pickpocket video page of this series so you do not miss any of the the other pickpocket videos, as well as other significant pickpocket prevention tips.

Pickpocket Video – Nairobi Africa, Bus Stop

This video was shot at a bus stop in Nairob Africa.  When you watch the video, look for the African American man with the two-tone jacked that appears to be tan and black or tan and blue.  It has been working this bus stop for some time.  You will see that the pickpocket uses a newspaper to help cover his hand while he tries and succeeds several times in removing wallets.


Pickpocket Video -Czech Pickpocket using a Child as Cover to Pickpocket

This series of several showing a team of pickpockets in a small food store in Czechoslovakia.  The pickpocket video is about 4 mins long, but after the first 2 mins you will see how this slick woman pickpocket uses her child to get close to the woman’s purse and remove the wallet.

Pickpocket Video – Child Pickpocket – Hanoi, Vietnam

They start real young – most times they are taught by a parent who is a thief.  Again, watch how long this child pickpocket takes to remove a wallet from this unsuspecting victim’s purse – with her never realizing her wallet was stolen.

Pickpocket Video – Woman’s Purse – London, England

This is police video from London England showing a pickpocket stealing a wallet from a woman’s purse.

What lessons are learned by watching this pickpocket videos:

1.  Like the previous pickpocket videos where women’s purses are targeted by pickpockets, if you do carry a travel bag, shoulder bag, or purse, consider traveling with one that is has security zippers built into the bag.  By using the security zippers, pickpockets cannot get inside the rear pockets of these bags without your knowledge.  A variety of travel bags, shoulder bags, and purses are made with various anti-pickpocket features such as security zippers, anti-slashing straps, anti-snatching straps, as well as wire mesh barriers woven into the bags materials so the bottom cannot be cut.  Here are several security purses and travel bags that have these features.  Additionally, you will find the same features on several security backpacks and security daypacks, here are several to review.  As a no cost solution, consider putting a small lock on the zippers, or use a cable – anything that would prove to make it difficult for a pickpocket to pull open a zipper.