Backpack Pickpockets – 3 Tips on How to Not to be Victimized

BY Beth Williams

Both professional and opportunistic pickpockets know that stealing items of value from the back pocket of of a backpack is like taking candy from a baby. What makes that pocket so tempting is that the majority of people place their  wallet  camera or cellphone in that pocket. Most of these pockets are not deep where small items can get lost.


Tips # 1

Many security experts say you should carry your backpack in front of you while on the subway or bus as well as while entering  and exiting subway stations because pickpockets often target people on the stairs as their movement will  help conceal any touching by pickpockets. Actually carrying your bag in front of you is good advice in any crowded location, it’s not always practical. However, there are alternative solutions which may be more comfortable and that will give you peace of mind no matter where you are, or how crowded it is.

Tip # 2

Zipper Lockszipper lock
If you have two zipper pulls on one zipper, you can retrofit your own backpack to have “locking zippers.”  The caribinear style locks works as a visual deterrent in addition to keeping the zipper pulls together.

Tip #3

Today’s anti-theft backpacks are a smart solution to theft. The have locking zippers, are well constructed of slash proof material and some can even be locked closed and then to a stationary item, virtually creating a portable fort Knox for your valuables.

Here is a video outlining thefts from backpacks.