Spain – Barcelona Pickpocket Crime Map

BY Beth Williams

Check Out the Below Web Pages for More Pickpocket Prevention Information in Spain

Barcelona Pickpocket Crime Map

A new pickpocket map of theft in Barcelona has sprung up on the internet.  The website is written by victims and witnesses of pickpockets is being documented in Google Maps. Another special webpage on FaceBook also opened up lately which does the same thing – the webpage –  Facebook group I know someone Who got robbed in Barcelona (I know someone who was robbed in Barcelona), aims to prevent tourists and inhabitants of the Catalonian capital of the tricks of criminals and put pressure on authorities to act. These webpages are in Spanish, however, much of the information is easily converted with the Google translation tool which appears when the page opens up within Google.

Here is another recent article on pickpockets in Barcelona, with an interesting video that is in Spanish, but has photos that show you how pickpockets work in the city.  View here.