2 Best Travel Apps For 2017

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Technology and travel have merged together to bring you an easy and safe travel experience.  Safeture and Hitlist are two of the best travel apps for fast and easy travel information. Using the Safeture and Hitlist apps will ensure that you get the best flight prices as well as a secure trip. Start planning for your 2017 Travel Trips now using these two apps!

SAFETURE, Best Travel Apps , Safety App Safeture
Keeping You Safe On Travels

The app automatically filters warnings and information to you based on your location or where you are going. Safeture is a personal mobile-based safety service app that provides users with emergency information and updates in real time about events that may affect your travel plans and safety.

The Safeture App provides:

1. Country Information- Know all the safety and travel information including advice at hand available in every country. Safety & Security Tips, Travel Guides, Entry Requirements and much more!

Best Travel Apps, Safeture

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2. Safety Warnings- Local news wherever you are: simple access to automated local news in any country you visit. Automatic translation available in 90 different languages.

3. Tracking of your position and location to friends and family- Alert your friends and family and give them a real-time trail of your movements! Perfect for unsafe areas or walking at night.

4. Text message communication- Designed to make it possible to communicate in damaged or congested mobile networks.

5. SOS numbers- Worldwide detection of local SOS emergency numbers for the ambulance, fire squad and police! (911 doesn’t work in every country!)

Created by Global Warning System, their main mission behind the development is to save lives sand help people feel safe. It’s their vision to make it one the best travel apps to enable personal security for everyone by use of modern technology.

Safeture offers a one day free trial. Their payment plans are as followed:
1. Two Weeks: $3.99
2. One Month: $4.99
3. Four Months: $11.99
4. One Year: $21.99

To download and get more information:
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hitlist, cheap flights, airline tickets, best travel apps Hitlist
Cheap Flight Deals, Airline Tickets & Last Minute Flights

Hitlist contains over hundreds of destination categories to fit your type of travel desires. With it you simply select the destination you wish to visit and Hitlist generates the lowest possible air fare price for your destination of choice.
It Offers:

  • Cheap flights from your local airport.

    Best Travel Apps, Hitlist

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  • Receive the best and high targeted travel deals via email.
  • View spectacular airfare prices and make smarter travel purchases.
  • Search for your dream destinations by continent, country or city.
  • Browse beautiful photos of countries taken by professional photographers.

Hitlist will easily become one of 2017’s best travel apps because of their mission to help you travel more for less. It is brought to you by a team of dedicated international travels who believe that travel is vital to health, happiness, and world peace.

Download the free app! Only available for Apple Products. Currently in development for Android.
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