How to Avoid Bus Pickpockets – Video

BY Beth Williams

Crowds are a great work environment for pickpockets. Add a little motion of a train or bus and it is even better to disguise any bumps or touches. This video catches a pickpocket working a crowded bus. The videos below show how easy it is for a pickpocket to steal a wallet from an unsuspecting tourist who is riding on a crowded bus or train.

This wallet slides onto your belt and tucks inside your pants

This wallet slides onto your belt and tucks inside your pants

Obviously, there are a few pickpocket prevention tips you can take to avoid being targeted by a bus pickpocket.

  • Never carry your wallet in your back pocket, as there is a reason pickpockets call the back pocket the “sucker pocket.” You will see by the below bus pickpocket videos how these thieves hone in on your back pocket. An option for a wallet is one that has a belt loop so it can be secured to your belt and then slid down in the front of your pants.
Anti-theft bag with locking zippers

Anti-theft bag with locking zippers can prevent bus pickpockets

  • If you are on a bus or train and are carrying a travel bag or travel purse, make sure it have zippered pockets that can be closed so a thief’s hands cannot sneak into an unprotected pocket.  Consider a travel bag or purse with anti-theft and anti-pickpocket features to provide even more protection from bus pickpockets. This is a sample of a bag with anti-pickpocket zippers.

Your best defense is an anti-theft wallet which you wear tucked inside your pants or a purse with locking anti-theft zippers to keep slick-fingered thieves out.

Video of Bus Pickpockets


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