Safeguarding Your Camera Gear in Vehicles

BY Beth Williams

Camera Security – Safeguarding Your Camera Gear In Vehicles

Whether you are a professional or casual photographer, your camera gear is valuable – be it a physical value – or a personal value of the photographs or videos contained within the equipment. For whatever purpose you carry photographic gear you will eventually end up leaving it in your vehicle unattended. You know you should not do it, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. The worst time to do it is when you’re in a rental vehicle. Thieves often target the rental vehicles of tourists. You do the best you can, you place your camera under the seat of your car, in a bag on the back seat, or you may even have had the time to put it in the trunk. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to smash a window or pop a door lock , grab your camera and flee. After a few frantic seconds of tearing apart the inside of your car, and hoping your camera is still there you realize, you lost – they won. You call the police, make a report, and become a statistic – Report Number 07-123441. As a police detective, I’ve investigated a countless number of similar cases. The locations are usually the same, a beach parking lot, side street, airport or hotel parking lot.  Those locations usually yield the higher valuables tourist leave in vehicles.

Why Do Thieves Target Parked Cars?

The car burglars I’ve interviewed  said it’s a numbers game. They will break into three cars and find nothing of value, but on the fourth car – bingo! – they hit the jack pot and often it is that of a tourist. Unfortunately, that jack pot may be the time they hit your car.

So What’s The Solution?

Surely the first rule is not to leave items of value in parked cars. Rule number is two park in a safe, well lit, and well traveled location. The next layer of security is using a portable safe or anti-theft bag to store and lock down your valuables inside the vehicle.  An anti-theft travel safe is slice resistant, has a locking opening and can be tethered to something in your vehicle, like a car seat frame, with a steel cable. These features will thwart the efforts of a common car burglar because burglars typically do have the right tools such as bolt cutters with them and they certainly don’t have the time to attempt to breach your portable safe. I do want to make one thing clear that these solutions are not 100% foolproof. If a thief has ample time and the right tools, he can steal anything, anywhere. If you ask any law enforcement detective how many times they have caught a street thief – opportunist –  with bolt cutters. Not too many. Most car burglars carry a screwdriver, a pry bar, or some other device  like a slimjim to open a window or trunk. A thief would need a pair of bolt cutters to cut the security cable on these bags. If  you want this same type of security anywhere, consider a security backpack which has an included portable safe  for the same type of security almost anywhere. If you own a truck the most secure option is a console vault. It is probably the strongest layer of security you can put in your car. Until now, the only way to put a safe in your car was to buy a steel lock box and bolt it in your trunk.  The car vault is a steel vault that is designed to fit into the center console of most large trucks and SUV’s. The vault is specifically made to fit the inside dimensions of your center console, and bolts down onto the cars steel frame. The vault is hinged with either a high security key lock, or combination lock. Depending on the model, these vaults can hold a large camera body and lens. You really have to see one of these vaults to appreciate its quality. Click Here,To see a Full Range of Portable safes

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