Fall Foliage Around The United States

POSTED October 19th 2016 BY Travel Writer
You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the phenomenon of fall foliage. You can enjoy the crisp air, brilliantly colored trees, and panoramic views all throughout the USA. The best time to witness America’s awe-inspiring natural beauty is during September-November. Check out our five best destinations for fall foliage throughout the States! North: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming Beautiful fall colors, wildlife, and smaller crowds...
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Destination Series: Seychelles

POSTED September 8th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Seychelles is part of Africa’s hidden treasures. Made of 115 islands, Seychelles is the perfect location for snorkeling, diving, swimming, and all types of fun under the sun. It guarantees adventure and relaxation. Seychelles offers beautiful beaches, crystal blue sea and a tropical climate. The tropical latitude makes the islands a location where you can spend your vacation at any time of the year. We’ve selected...
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2016 Top 5 Happiest Countries in the World

POSTED August 22nd 2016 BY Travel Writer
According to the World Happiness Report Update 2016, these are the top five countries that reportedly have the happiest citizens. Scores were based on the categories of economic dynamism, education, health, political environment, and quality of life. Not surprisingly, Scandinavian countries dominated the World Happiness Report of 2016. 5. Finland Finland is one of the world’s most generous and successful countries. The Finns are known for...
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Destination Series: Peru

POSTED June 28th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Peru is a country mystified with archaeological sites that tell the stories of an old civilization through its arts, customs, foods, peoples, and traditions. With history dated back to 9,000 BC, Peru stands today as one of the most multiethnic countries in Latin America, including Amerindians, Europeans, Africans, and Asians. Peru is also widely known for being a biodiverse country. It is home to part of...
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15 Must See Historic and Cultural Monuments

POSTED June 8th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Plan your next historical getaway to one of these 15 world historic monuments recommended by TouristLink.  The 15 cultural and historic sites have shaped the world and have kept cultures alive for centuries. We’ve selected our top 3 historical monuments. To continue reading about the rest, Read Here. 1. Colosseum of Rome, Italy The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is an elliptical...
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Your Guide to Glamping

POSTED June 1st 2016 BY Travel Writer
What is Glamping? Glamping is all in the name. It is a glamorous way of camping and one of the latest travel trends. Forget the stress of bringing a tent, sleeping bag, and the extra layers of clothes for warmth. Glamping pivots on a high level of service that focuses on the complete comfort of the guests. Offered in almost every continent in the world...
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California’s Best Vineyard Locations

POSTED May 27th 2016 BY Travel Writer
California is not only known for it’s beautiful beaches but also it’s grand vineyards! There are thousands of wineries and vineyards that offer new and unforgettable experiences throughout the state. Wineries last year were proclaimed California’s second most popular tourist destination, with more than 21 million visitors. With over 3,000 wineries throughout the state you will be able to sample a remarkable variety of wines...
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Destination Series: Washington, D.C.

POSTED May 24th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Washington D.C. offers a variety of interesting experiences and exhibitions, from learning about American history and government to seeing many of the most famous landmarks in the country! This spirited city is also the home to art, cultural attractions, great food and much more! We’ve selected some places you must visit and can’t miss when traveling to D.C. Washington D.C.’s Top 3 Must See Landmarks: ...
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Travel Destinations that are Out of this World

POSTED May 17th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Have you ever dreamed about visiting another planet? Well you can! and without leaving mother Earth! Check out these out of these five  travel destinations that will make you feel as if you are on another world. 5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia If you truly want to get an out of this world experience make sure you visit the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni...
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Budget-Friendly Amusement Parks in America

POSTED May 10th 2016 BY Travel Writer
While you’re planning your family summer vacation check out these three budget-friendly amusement parks fitted to keep your expenses low and your fun high! Visiting an amusement park is a great way for families to enjoy themselves without having to spend your yearly savings on having fun.  There are many attractions across the US that are budget-friendly so we’ve covered the top three parks that offer...
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