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American Food: The Most Delicious Regional Recipes

POSTED July 7th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Here in the USA we take pride in our all-American cuisine, from Tex-Mex to Philly Cheese Steaks and everything in between.  We have recreated some of the most popular foods from around the world and added our own touch to make them American, (think Hawaiian pizza, it’s not from Italy) and those touches vary by what part you live in the US.  Even if you can’t...
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Rum Tasting in the Caribbean & At Home Cocktail Recipes

POSTED May 31st 2016 BY Travel Writer
One of our goal at Corporate Travel Safety is to provide you with useful content and introduce (or reintroduce) you to cultural experiences while traveling. It is said that Rum was birthed in the Caribbean. However, In the 1620s rum production was recorded in Brazil. Many Americans are familiar with Bacardi and Malibu rum but we wanted to share a few more Rum tasting facilities and...
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California’s Best Vineyard Locations

POSTED May 27th 2016 BY Travel Writer
California is not only known for it’s beautiful beaches but also it’s grand vineyards! There are thousands of wineries and vineyards that offer new and unforgettable experiences throughout the state. Wineries last year were proclaimed California’s second most popular tourist destination, with more than 21 million visitors. With over 3,000 wineries throughout the state you will be able to sample a remarkable variety of wines...
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Amazing and Easy Guacamole Recipes from Around the World

POSTED May 3rd 2016 BY Travel Writer
Enjoy these three amazingly delicious and easy guacamole recipes, brought to you from around the world , to enjoy with your family and friends at your next get-together!  You’re sure to become an instant hit as a host who serves the best guacamole! 1. North America: El Salvador Traditional Salvadoran Guacamole Recipe Serves 6 3 large ripe avocados ½ cup chopped onion ¼ cup fresh...
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Desserts From Around the World

POSTED November 30th 2015 BY Travel Writer
You can never go wrong with these delicious desserts from around the world! In honor of National Cookie Day, we present you with these awesome treats to sweeten up your life now and during the holidays.
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