2016 Top 5 Happiest Countries in the World

POSTED August 22nd 2016 BY Travel Writer
According to the World Happiness Report Update 2016, these are the top five countries that reportedly have the happiest citizens. Scores were based on the categories of economic dynamism, education, health, political environment, and quality of life. Not surprisingly, Scandinavian countries dominated the World Happiness Report of 2016. 5. Finland Finland is one of the world’s most generous and successful countries. The Finns are known for...
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Finland – Pickpocket Information in Helsinki

POSTED August 2nd 2013 BY Beth Williams
While Helsinki is quite safe for travelers as it is ranked the world’s second safest city, keep in mind that just like any other large city, Helsinki has its share of pickpockets and petty thieves during the busy summer travel season.  As any traveler knows, pickpockets are found anywhere in the world, and Helsinki Finland is no different. If you are going to Helsinki, take a...
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