France – Video of Pickpockets on Paris Metro

POSTED August 20th 2011 BY Beth Williams
The below video was shot on the metro in Paris.   Watch the group of young girls so you so see how they travel in packs for quick visual identification.  Typically they will be in groups of three – but could be more or less. Pickpockets have always been a problem in and around Metro stations.  Travelers should always be extra alert at these locations, especially...
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France – Paris Pickpocket Video

POSTED May 6th 2010 BY Beth Williams
The below video shows very young female pickpockets.  Notice when they see they are being filmed, they cover their faces.  Also, watch when the go to get onto the metro train car, the fellow passengers will not let them come in.  They can tell they are pickpockets and do not want them in their car.  Keep an eye out for groups of young girls or...
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France – Pickpockets at the Eiffel Tower

POSTED May 1st 2010 BY Beth Williams
If you have done any research about the visiting the Eiffel Tower, you will have no doubtfully read several comments about that tell you “watch out for pickpockets when visiting the Eiffel tower.” Take these comments seriously unless you want to end up spending the rest of the day at a Paris police stations filling out reports and calling your credit card companies.  To be...
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France – Pickpockets in Paris, Video

POSTED March 25th 2010 BY Beth Williams
Paris France is one of the top locations in the world for tourists to visit, however, like any big city, you need to be careful of pickpockets, as like we all know, pickpockets love to target tourists.  The following is a video of a woman who was targeted by a pickpocket while she was riding on the Paris Metro and had her wallet stolen from...
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