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Budget-Friendly Amusement Parks in America

POSTED May 10th 2016 BY Travel Writer
While you’re planning your family summer vacation check out these three budget-friendly amusement parks fitted to keep your expenses low and your fun high! Visiting an amusement park is a great way for families to enjoy themselves without having to spend your yearly savings on having fun.  There are many attractions across the US that are budget-friendly so we’ve covered the top three parks that offer...
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Must-See Botanical Gardens in the US

POSTED March 8th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Best Botanical Gardens in the US As Spring begins to replace Winter we can celebrate the growing season with either starting our own vegetable gardens in the backyard or appreciating professional botanical gardens. Local botanical garden can be a fun family outing, check ahead of time if they allow picnicking. They can be an invigorating place to power walk and rejuvenate, or to for a personal...
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What You Don’t Know About the Leap Year

POSTED February 23rd 2016 BY Travel Writer
Every four years we have a Leap Year and 2016 is one of them. We may even know people with those unlucky…or are they  lucky birthday’s on this unique day. You might know why we have leap years, but do you really know the history and traditions associated with leap years? Here is a great infographic that explains everything you need to know:    ...
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How to Travel With Your Pet on a Plane

POSTED February 18th 2016 BY Travel Writer
When traveling with your pet, it is always important to make travel decisions that keep your pet the safe and comfortable. It’s vital that you plan ahead of time. You have to make travel decisions that will keep your pet safe and comfortable. Follow these tips for domestic air or car travel.  International travel with your pet requires much more preparation. Did you know that...
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