Tips For Safeguarding Your Data While on the Road

POSTED January 17th 2015 BY Ellen
One of the most liberating benefits of modern technology is the mobility and flexibility it gives us. Stay connected on vacation for fun, or even to sneak a peek at office emails if you must. If you’re out of the office for work, you won’t be out of the loop thanks to technology. All you need to do is carry your laptop, mobile phone or...
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Hotel WiFi Hacking – Traveler Beware!

POSTED January 26th 2014 BY Ellen
Unsecured wireless networks at hotels have proven to be ideal places for hackers to commit a wide variety of crimes. In 2008, at the luxury Thompson Hotel chain, a hacker captured personal and sensitive emails sent by guests and staff members over its wireless network and threatened to make them public. Hackers staying at hotels or parked nearby have exploited the anonymity of hotel wireless...
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Be Aware of “Rogue” or Free Wi-Fi Networks

POSTED April 30th 2011 BY Ellen
If you use so-called ‘free’ Wi-Fi networks while at your favorite cafe or while traveling, you might get more than you bargained for. Protect yourself – and your identity – with these simple tips. You’re sitting in an airport lounge and seize the chance to check your e-mails before your flight departs. You log on and are tempted by a wireless Internet provider offering free...
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Tips to Protect Laptops and Electronic Devices when Traveling

POSTED July 2nd 2010 BY Ellen
Travelers – especially in the corporate sector – are connected to the web and other digital platforms through electronic devices more than ever before. But while such advances in technology have helped individuals and businesses stay in touch, methods around ensuring people, hardware and their work remain secure have become increasingly important. Here are ten simple – and sometimes obvious, but often forgotten – ways...
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Use Caution When Accessing the Internet at Free WiFi Spots Such as Hotels and Cafe’s

POSTED June 23rd 2010 BY Ellen
With laptops more portable today than every before, it has become commonplace for travelers to take their laptop with them for a variety of reasons.  However when you take a laptop on the road, and you access public wifi spots, you put your data at risk.  The following information may help you avoid some of most common security mistakes made when it comes to traveling...
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On the Road With Your Laptop – A Safe Journey For Your Data

POSTED February 28th 2010 BY Ellen
Travelers are taking laptops and other digital data devices on the road today in ever increasing numbers,many of the folks doing this are now taking into account the various security concerns that they might come up against on the road.  What’s odd is that travelers take all kinds of other precautions before their trip – they pack sunscreen and motion sickness pills and buy TSA luggage...
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Laptop Theft – A Business Perspective

POSTED January 22nd 2010 BY Ellen
Why Criminals Steal Laptops Ten years ago when travelers were victimized the objects of theft were cameras; five years ago it was camcorders, today it is laptops.  Criminals look at laptops as a good return on their “investment.”  A good laptop can be worth up to 5,000 dollars.  A criminal can sell a stolen laptop to an unsuspecting used computer store or pawnshop and easily...
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