Pickpocket Prevention Advice

Top Pickpocket Destinations Around the World

POSTED October 9th 2017 BY Travel Writer
Cities from Paris to Rome to Barcelona are full of beauty, from unique architecture to delicious food to amazing art. However, where there are tourists there are pickpockets. These are the world’s top pickpocket destinations, and we’re here to tell you what you need to know before you go. Stay safe on your next trip by taking precautions to protect your passport, wallet or ID....
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How to Make A Hidden Pocket in Your Bra

POSTED April 26th 2017 BY Beth Williams
Women can make their own hidden pocket in their bra to hold small valuables such as cash and credit cards.  If you are traveling abroad and worried about pickpockets, check out this easy solution at this web site – click here to learn how to make a secret compartment in your bra. If want you don’t want to make one or want something more versatile consider these great options:  ...
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How to Make a Pickpocket Alarm

POSTED March 9th 2013 BY Beth Williams
The following is a video which shows how to make a pickpocket alarm.  An inventor named Cabel Kraft came up with the idea of making an anti-snatch wallet and posted a how to build article about this item on the Hackaday website.  When it comes to wallet alarms, most rely on a light trigger which can be seen on this type of credit card size wallet alarm which...
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Pickpocket Prevention- Be a Difficult Target

POSTED February 27th 2012 BY Beth Williams
Be a Difficult Target – Make it Hard for Pickpockets and Sneak Thieves to Get to Your Valuables Pickpockets have been targeting tourists for as long as anyone can remember, and tourists have fallen for their tricks as long as anyone can remember. The following tips will help you develop your own pickpocket prevention plan to outfox pesky pickpockets. Don’t be a target and let...
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Pockets Pickpockets Love to Pick

POSTED March 18th 2011 BY Beth Williams
Pickpockets love to pick pockets – That’s their job.  The more successful they are the more money they make.  So in order protect your valuables from these slick fingered thieves, you need to understand exactly how thieves remove items from your pockets  and specifically which pockets  are most vulnerable. Front Pants Pocket Probably the safest pocket to place your valuables – especially if your pants are...
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Pickpocket Language

POSTED January 23rd 2011 BY Beth Williams
Pickpocket’s slang Among thieves there is a subset which everyone knows as pickpockets.  Many of these – especially professionals, will use slang terms to communicate with each other.  The following is an explanation of those terms. Mark A mark is the target of a pickpocket, pickpockets choices of marks vary and can include a tight packed crowded area where it’s dark such as a night...
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