China-Pickpocket Uses Chopsticks to Steal

BY Beth Williams

If You Thought Chopsticks Were Just for Eating, You’re Wrong. Skilled Pickpocket Uses Chopsticks to Steal a Cell Phone From His Target

If you thought chopsticks were only for eating, you were wrong.  They are also good back-scratching aids and great pickpocketing tools too! A Chinese man was caught on surveillance camera using chopsticks for the latter purpose. He sneaks up behind his victim and when he sees his opportunity, draws his chopsticks and snakes a smartphone out of the victim’s pocket, very slick.

Now that is real chopstick skill, though, it was a bad idea to do it both in front of a surveillance camera, as well as a police officer. Remember when traveling overseas be aware of how skilled some pickpockets are, and that you should safeguard your valuables. Tourists are favorite marks for thieves because they generally carry valuables such as money, cameras and passports.  For worry-free travel, knowing your valuables are secure consider using a travel safety bag, day bag, purse or waist pack that feature built-in anti-theft devices.