Trip Delayed – What to Do While You Wait

BY Travel Writer

The trip you’ve dreamed about is just deferred, not canceled. So make the most of the gift of extra time you have between now and the trip to enhance the experience to something you would not have achieved without it. Here’s what I mean.

While you quarantine at home there are a few things you can do to upgrade your trip to a trip of your lifetime status or to a journey unexpected. What are your top few things that interest you about your destination? Are you inspired by its natural beauty, cuisine and local foods, the language and people? Now is the time to delve into these subjects in anticipation of your trip and expand your planning. The result will no doubt be a vacation, trip, or journey better than you originally imagined. Let’s get started.

    1. Food and Cuisine

      Get your taste buds ready by whipping up some food traditional and local to your destination. Let’s imagine you’re going to Austria. Google “traditional Austrian food” and follow a new recipe. This is a fun way to connect to your destination. It also works if you’re planning to just stay here in North America. Many regions and states are known for certain foods or drink. Think pralines in the South, Tex Mex in Texas, Ice Wine in Canada, etc.

    2. Natural Landmarks or Tourist Attractions

      Build your knowledge and anticipation of key sights you will visit or explore during your trip. Watch a Youtube video or read a chapter in a guide book about what your destination is known for. Learn about the history or learn notable facts of key locations you plan on seeing. This is actually not a spoiler alert but introduces you to what you’ll see. Once you get to the museum, natural park, or whatever you’re seeing you’ll actually be more engaged as you recall or reinforce what you read or viewed in preparation.

    3. Learn the Language

      If you’re going to a foreign country now is the time to learn and start practicing a few short phrases in their language. While most tourist locations that deal with English speakers speak some English, you can connect better with your hosts if you can say a few phrases in their language. You’ll stand out and may even get extra good service and treatment. And you can’t count out the fun factor of trying to speak to locals, it’ll add an unexpected richness and sense of connection to your time away. Look for a phone app so you can learn key phases of the language in the car, while you wait in line, or anywhere else.

    4. Prep Your Travel Gear Properly

Now is the time to prepare your travel gear in a thoughtful and relaxed manner. Start with the small stuff and work your way up.

Compression packing cubes have a double zipper system that lets you pack more. Compression packing cubes are great for small items socks, underwear, and especially good for bulky sweats, sweaters, and jeans too.

Day backpack or crossbody travel bag? Look at your travel bags. Do you have a lightweight model with built-in anti-theft features like locking zippers? If you don’t have one now is the time to shop for one and try putting inside whatever gear you plan on carrying for the day for fit and comfort. If a backpack is not your style then try an anti-theft crossbody bag. There are many unisex designs so matter who you are traveling with can carry it. If you just plan on carrying a few minimal essentials an anti-theft waist pack may be just what you need. Keep your valuables secure and stay hands free.

Lastly, luggage with 360-degree spinner wheels is a must. If your luggage is old and without full directional wheels now is the time to look for a good deal on spinner style luggage.

Enjoy the journey towards your trip.

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