Beggars Fake Handicaps – Prey on Tourists’ Emotions

BY Beth Williams

Beggars faking handicaps are found around the world, and they love to target travelers who often have big hearts to give them money.  If you’re one of those kind-hearted tourists you need to know that many beggars are very healthy people who are scamming you.  They are great actors. They dress up and pretend that they are poor and handicapped. Some beggars go so far as to have fake deformities to convince you to hand over some change. Here are a few videos that show just a few of these fake beggars exposed. Would you fall for their performance?

Fake Beggar – Fake Legs Video – Watch Him Jump

This video shows how some scammers wear fake deformed legs to get you to give them money.  It is a video on the Thailand Travel Channel and is a great video to give you an idea that things are not always as they seem as they are – no matter how sad.  This fake beggar video really shows how easy you can be fooled by someone who works on your emotions.

In New York City – Young Woman Fakes It – Crippled Beggar

This is a fake beggar that pretends that she is crippled. See how a news crew exposes her scamming ways. She gets a lot of cash donations from kind passer-bys.
Then at the end of her “shift” you won’t believe how she looks and what she does.

Fake Legless Beggar Who Mysteriously Walks Video

Fake Beggar Who Suddenly Grows Legs Video

Fake Deaf Beggar on Train Video Answers His Phone

Scam City Fake Beggar Video

This is a video that takes you overseas to see some of the ways locals fool tourists into giving them money by using various fake beggar scams.