How to Open a Hotel Room Safe

BY Beth Williams

How to Open a Hotel  Room Safe with a Paper Clip

Not all hotel room safes are created equal. The quality and level of security hotel room safes provide varies. In some cases you can open a hotel room safe with a paper clip. It’s best to plan ahead if you want maximum security. You can bring your own portable safe ( which only you have the combination for and which may hold more than a room safe) or you can bring a lock for the room safe which prevents it from being opened by anyone but you.

These videos show how easy it is to open hotel room safes with a simple paper clip.  While not all room safes are this easy to open, it does show the fault of some safe designs.

Want peace of mind knowing your valuables really are secured? Your best option is to consider a secondary lock you use in conjunction with your hotel room safe; The Milockie hotel safe designed in the Netherlands, consists of a special lock and strap, and allows you to secure the safe with your own lock, preventing anyone else from gaining access. Your next best option, especially if you have items too big for the safe, is to use a portable travel safe, such as the Pacsafe 12L Travel Safe.

Milockie Hotel Safe Lock

Milockie Hotel Safe Lock

Portable Locking  Travel Safe

Portable Locking Travel Safe


Another safe opened with a paper clip in a hotel in Hawaii


Paper clip with battery opens hotel safe