In Flight Entertainment and Movie Listings

BY Beth Williams

Inflatable Komfort Kollar Let's You Sleep - no More Head WobbleWant to know what movie is showing on your next trip? Here’s the place.  As you look forward to onboard entertainment don’t forget to give a thought to your personal comfort while en route. Airlines are a bit more frugal these days will all on board amenities. Savvy travelers now bring their own must-have items to ensure their time on board is restful and relaxing so they arrive refreshed and ready. Flyer favorites include:

Soft, Head Cradling Inflatable Inflatable pillows, they take up very little room in your carry-on in comparison with the bulky filled horse shoe neck pillows. Plus, ever stop to think about how clean and bug-free really are airline pillow? These pillows have soft coverings and are easy to clean.

Arrive refreshed by shaking off that Jet Lag. The most trusted and proven anti-jet lag product is homeopathic, it’s not a drug. Learn more about No Jet Lag, here.

Sleep mask with Ear Plugs and Storage PouchThe last thing we think every traveler should have is a good eye mask and earplugs to keep out the sights and noise of the flight. Enjoy restful sleep anytime, anywhere with a Sweet Dreams Sleep and Relaxation Mask with Earplugs and Pouch. This is no ordinary sleep mask!

Light as a feather, the Sweet Dreams Sleep and Relaxation Mask is a molded contoured sleep aid that is uniquely designed to block out light while offering full comfort without any pressure to the eyes or smearing makeup.

In Flight Entertainment and Movies

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