Portugal – Pickpockets in Lisbon Love to Target Travelers who Ride Tram 15 and 28

BY Beth Williams

Lisbon is a beautiful city to visit when visiting Portugal, however, it is also a location where pickpockets love to target tourists. One location you should be aware of is what is called Tram 28.

Here are a few videos to show how some pickpockets target travelers who ride this tram.

Although Lisbon is generally quite safe when compared to other major European cities the theft by pickpocket thieves on these trams persists as a problem now as it has been for years.

Here is a video of a team of pickpockets who are targeting tourists at a Tram 28 trolley stop

Another tourist video of pickpockets on Tram 28

Another tourist video of Tram 28 pickpockets

Watch this video of a tourist who just got off a tram and was targeted by a pickpocket – You have to watch this video a few times to see the thief in the blue shirt trying several times to get into the woman’s purse.