Portugal – Pickpockets in Lisbon Love to Target Travelers who Ride Tram 15 and 28

BY Beth Williams
Lisbon Tram No. 28 - One of the top pickpocket locations

Lisbon Tram No. 28 – One of the top pickpocket locations

Lisbon is a beautiful city to visit when visiting Portugal, however it is also a location where pickpockets love to target tourists. As it has been for years, when it comes to the crimes committed by pickpockets, the majority of their victims are international travelers using Lisbon’s bus and tram system.  Many of these crimes are tied to specific locations, with the majority occurring on Lisbon’s trams running the 15 and 28 routes. These routes are the ones interlinking key tourist destinations within the capital. The pickpockets have always preferred these trams because they are favored by visiting tours and tourists, generally run full to capacity and are constantly stopping and starting – all of distractions that make a pickpocket’s job very easy.

With most thefts occurring inside the trams, the second most popular location for pickpockets are the platforms where travelers wait to board these famous trams. Thieves target their victims just as they begin to enter the tram when it arrives, with riders pushing each other while trying to get on – which is an obvious opportunity for pickpockets to operate by using the cover of the confusion and hustle to ply their craft. Once a pickpocket has d a victim’s wallet, bag or phone, they quickly disappear into a side street with the victim’s property.

But don’t avoid these trams, as many travelers report that you would be a fool if you did not take a ride on them, especially Lisbon’s famous Tram 28, a roller coaster of a ride through the oldest parts of the city taking in absurd hills, extremely narrow streets and breathtaking views. Lisbon is built on seven large hills, it’s not a bad idea to become acquainted with its excellent tram service particularly for ascents, just keep your pickpocket awareness skills about you. Although Lisbon is generally quite safe when compared to other major European cities the theft by pickpocket thieves on these trams persists as a problem now as it has been for years.

Here is a video of a team of pickpockets who are targeting tourists at a Tram 28 trolley stop

Another tourist video of pickpockets on Tram 28

Another tourist video of Tram 28 pickpockets

Watch this video of a tourist who just got off a tram and was targeted by a pickpocket – You have to watch this video a few times to see the thief in the blue shirt trying several times to get into the woman’s purse.