France – Pickpockets in Strasbourg & Alsace

BY Beth Williams

The Overseas Security Advisory Council reports, “Strasbourg’s historic center enjoys a fairly low rate of serious crime. Pickpockets and snatch-and-grab thieves tend to concentrate their efforts in the Petite France historic district popular with visitors.  Vehicle arson has come into vogue here, with an unofficial New Year’s Eve competition claiming roughly two dozen vehicles a year.”

Areas with high petty thief activity include:

  • Strasbourg Cathedral
  • Place Kleberg
  • Place de l’Homme de Fer
  • Place Gutemberg
  • Hautepierre
  • Gare Centrale (main train station)
  • The Christmas Markets
  • Les Halles Department Store

Strasbourg is one of the safest large cities in France and the tourist has little to fear. Still take usual precautions. The most reports of pickpockets seem to be near and in the Cathedral, especially during high tourist season. Officials have even places signs to warn visitors of petty thieves in the area. In general, the city of Strasbourg is not known for violence.