France – Pickpockets nab Paris Police Chief’s Cell Phone

BY Beth Williams

Just to remind travelers that you always need to keep aware of pickpockets in Paris, as well as any other busy tourist destination in the world, it has been recently reported that in October, 2011, a group of audacious pickpockets has managed to pickpocket the smart-phone of Paris’s chief of police while he was preparing to board a train, police sources said on Wednesday.

The thieves at the Gare de Lyon train station distracted Paris police prefect Michel Gaudin by asking him to sign a petition and swiped the mobile telephone from his pocket, the sources told AFP.

No sensitive information was contained in the phone, the sources said. The embarrassing episode comes as the French interior ministry is in the midst of a campaign to raise public awareness of the growing risk of mobile telephone thefts.

What should be on the top of every tourist’s mind about this theft is that if the most experienced police officer of the Paris police department was able to fall victim to a pickpocket, imagine how you might fare against a skilled pickpocket who has practiced the art of stealing from travelers pockets for years.  Do yourself a favor and read up on how pickpockets operate, watch many of the videos on this website and by following the skills they will teach you, you have a really good chance of avoiding a pickpocket during your travels.