Spa Day at Home – Luxury Hotel Style

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While you’re waiting for your next trip enjoy a spa day at home, luxury hotel style. It’ll feel like a mini-vacation. Escape from the daily routine for a couple of hours to recharge, reset, and de-stress. A little bit of “me time, spa-style” can be as rejuvenating as time (and a lot of money) spent at a luxury spa. Get the same benefits all while not leaving the house. Draw your inspiration for your personal spa day at home from a luxury hotel or hotel spa.

A couple of tips. First set a date with yourself for your spa time and keep it. Second, read through the article and then gather up/order whatever items you may be missing for a perfect spa at home experience.

First, Relax Your Body First

Before you start your personalized bath spa time at home take time to relax your body and calm your mind. You most likely won’t have a personal masseuse at home to relax tired and stiff muscles, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

Take a Short Walk An alternative to a massage is to take a walk, even just 20 minutes can do wonders for your mental state and to slow it down and clear thoughts of your to-do list, and the demands of family and work.

Stretch Out When you get home from your walk plop down on the floor and do a few gentle yoga-style stretches. Breathe slowly and pay attention to the muscles you’re stretching.  A few ideas to loosen the major muscle groups are to stretch out hamstrings and quads, roll your head to loosen neck muscles and stretch out arms and your back. One particularly relaxing pose for your back is child’s pose. To do child’s pose get on your hands and knees and slide your behind back while stretching out your arms in front of you. Hold the pose until you feel your back muscles relax. After stretching, go into your bathroom and select which of the following suggestion will help you best achieve a spa day at home experience.

Set the Stage for Your Spa Day at Home or Evening Bath

Visualize a beautiful spa environment you’d find in a luxury hotel or on a cruise ship. See the details of the makeup table, feel the fluffy robe and drink the cool lemon water in your mind’s eye. Now you’re ready to set the stage for your spa at home.

  1. Turn off your phone notifications and turn on some spa-style music and be sure to tell your family that you’ll be unavailable for a while.
    An easy way to play spa-style music if you have an Echo or Echo Dot is to say, “Alexa play spa music, or Alexa play ocean waves or forest sounds.”

    Echo Dot

    Voice control your music – Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and others.


  2. Clear off any counter clutter in the bath or mess in the bedroom. You can put the stuff back but you want a clean clutter-free environment as your background for the most relaxing experience.
  3. Place a flower, a sprig of rosemary, or anything fresh and green into a vase. The idea is to bring the calm of nature into your bathroom or bedroom. Most likely you never or rarely do this, so this simple act is already soothing.
  4. Light a scented candle whether it is day or night, if you’re spa-ing at night, light a few more candles for ambiance.
  5. Place a freshly washed fluffy robe and towels in the bathroom If you don’t have a fluffy robe, indulge yourself and buy one. The cost of a good robe is minimal compared to the cost of a day at the spa, and you’ll have it for a very long time to come. Invest in yourself!
  6. Have a tall glass of cool lemon water or cucumber handy (plastic is safer than glass in the bathroom) you can even place a small pitcher of iced water in your room for refills so you never have to leave your sanctuary.

Luxury spa day at home feeling

  The Spa Bath

Start filling your tub with warm, not too hot water and add bath oil or essential oils for a luxury soak that will leave your skin feeling soft.

1.  Pamper your skin If you want to treat your skin to a facial mask, try a sheet mask. They have cutouts for eyes, nose, and mouth, They are easy to use and you can pick one just right for your skin type. The sheet masks are infused with various ingredients. If you have dry skin look for hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. It’s gentle and boosts skin moisture retention.

2. Deep condition your hair If you’re up for shampooing your hair then you can treat yourself to a hair mask, or deep conditioning treatment. Check how the conditioner you decide on is to be applied, some treatments are designed to go on dry hair while others are designed to work best when applied to damp hair. In both cases, you’ll want to apply the hair mask and cover your hair with a plastic shower cap. Maybe one you happen to have on hand that was originally provided by a hotel?  Now would be the perfect time to use it. If you don’t have a shower cap, then plastic wrap like Saran wrap from your kitchen will work just fine too as you wrap it around your head turban style.

3.  Exfoliate your body Exfoliate your entire body with a natural loofah. Designed to remove the outermost layer of skin a be sure not rub so hard that you actually create little tears in your skin. Experts recommend that you start using the loofah at your feet and work your way up your body towards the heart.

4.  Calm you mind Soak and be peaceful when you’re done soaking you’ll need to shampoo to remove the mask from your hair if you chose to do indulge in a treatment.

5. Indulge with luxury body cream Moisturize your damp skin with a body cream or body butter to lock in moisture after showering.

6. Be mindful Try some meditation or mindfulness exercise, and then slip off into a good night’s sleep.

After your spa day at home, a good night’s sleep is your reward. A key element to looking your best is a good rest so get a good night’s sleep by staying off your phone off until morning for a real feeling of disconnecting. The luxury spas all insist that your phone stay in your locker and silenced while you’re their guest, maybe they’re onto something.

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