Taxi Scams – See These Scams Caught on Video

BY Beth Williams

Taxi drivers scam tourists all over the globe. The only purpose is to get the most money they can out of their fare, legally or not. The following are various taxi scams caught on tape. Watch them to see how vulnerable you can be if you don’t know the tricks dishonest taxi drivers can pull on you. Being informed can save money.

Taxi Cab Scams

Watch out when taking taxis. If there is a meter, insist on using it. If not, or if it is “broken,” negotiate an agreed fare in advance. It is inevitable that once in a while you will fall victim to an unscrupulous driver who takes the long way or pulls something else. This is a good reason to carry cash in various denominations as an unscrupulous taxi driver conveniently won’t be able to make change for larger bills.

Border crossings call for extra caution: buses are preferable to taking taxis; some taxi drivers have been known to rip foreigners off by taking them to fake checkpoints, or to lie about border crossing hours of operation in order to snag an extra fare late in the day.

This is a scam being pulled in Rio de Janeiro
This is a taxi scam in Buenos Aires