Top Travel Destinations in the United States for 2018

BY Travel Writer

New travel destinations are ready and waiting for your visit.

Corporate Travel Safety is proud to present our list for the Top 6 Travel Destinations in the United States for 2018.

For each travel destination, we’ll match the perfect travel safety items.

1. New York City, New York.

New York City is one of the most incredible cities to visit because of its rich history, architecture, and arts community. Be ready to travel to New York with your best travel gear because you’re going to spend time walking several blocks from location to location.

Due to the crowded streets in Manhattan, be sure to take an RFID blocking wallet or money belt.

For convenience, you might also want to consider a backpack with a water bottle holder.

2. Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles is a versatile location because you can travel to the beach or the mountains within a short period of time. LA is also home to multiple film studios, theater performances, top restaurants, Dodgers baseball, and the Los Angeles Rams. There are three major amusement parks nearby including Universal Studios, Disneyland, and Six Flags. For traveling to Los Angeles, you’ll need a secure anti-theft travel handbag to safeguard your belongings.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans is best known for its nightlife, Mardi Gras, jazz musicians, and unique restaurants. One of our favorite treats comes from Cafe Du Monde with its homemade beignets. With so many people walking in the French Quarter, you will need to be prepared with RFID blocking travel gear. Another consideration would be hotel safety and investing in a portable door lock.

4. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Traveling to Hawaii is always an experience because you can visit stunning beaches, snorkel in the warm ocean waters, and enjoy the most delicious foods. Trekking to the North Shore is a treat whether you’re swimming with the dolphins or watching the famous surfers take on challenging waves.

If you plan to take your laptop computer along, you’re going to want to ensure it remains safe when you’re out of the hotel room on an excursion. The portable hotel safe locks provide extra protection on an in-room safe. Make sure your belongings stay safe and secure.

5. Denali National Park, Alaska.

Alaska is simply breathtaking with its views of the mountains, forests, ice formations, and wildlife. Make sure you take your camera because these are pictures you will keep for life.

With that in mind, make sure you have a camera security strap so you’re ready for every photo opportunity.

6. Washington D.C.

There’s so much to see in Washington, D.C., you might want to take a few days to see as much as you can. From the Washington Monument to the White House, history can be found in every part of Washington D.C.

Since you’ll be on the go every day you spend in Washington D.C., an anti-theft backpack would be a smart investment. There are thousands of people visiting museums and walking around Washington D.C. regularly, so it’s best to make sure your valuables are safe.

There are so many beautiful cities throughout the United States. Wherever you travel, always think about your safety and security. For more anti-theft travel gear in the New Year of 2018, visit Corporate Travel Safety.

Happy New Year!

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