What Congress Says About Airline Seat Sizes

BY Travel Writer

The bottom line on airline seat roominess is that it’s more about safety than comfort for passengers in economy class. That is what Congress says about airline seat sizes.

The final version of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 says that the FAA should “study” the need for seat size regulation. The bill says the seating dimension should be safe and says nothing about comfort. To make seats more comfortable they would need to be wider and recline more.  The recline portion or pitch portion is easy and could improve a little. The airline could remove a couple of rows and increase the pitch or recline of the seats. The seats getting wider is a bigger problem. Most seats on US domestic flights are six-across and since the aisle must remain a certain width and the airplane itself can’t get any wider the only option is to reduce the seating to five-across in economy class.  Realistically that change won’t happen as airfares would have to increase to cover the lost amount of revenue from decreasing the number of seats the airlines have to sell. Economics and safety are the driving concerns for what Congress says about airline seat sizes.

Here’s what Congress says about airline seat sizes

The bill says the seating dimensions should be safe—not comfortable. The FAA is heavily involved in passenger safety, and the key safety measure they’ve set is the ability of passengers to evacuate a survivable crash within 90 seconds.  Comfort and elbow room are not part of the safety measure. So if you want comfort you’ll have to pay more for business or first class.

Travel More Comfortably in Economy

If you choose not to pay more for an economy plus or a business seat then use travel accessories to make your flight time in an economy seat as comfortable as possible. Selecting the right travel accessories for your flight can increase your comfort, mood and happiness will in flight. Here are a few of the most popular items seasoned and novice travelers can choose from.


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