Airport Safety Tips

How to Exchange Money Safely at Mexico City’s Airport

POSTED October 9th 2015 BY kevin4371
Any airport you fly into will have a number of currency exchange offices in the airport terminal or baggage claim area, and many travelers use them to exchange money into local currency. Most of the time the kiosks are safe – other than their higher than average exchange rate.  Recently a travel crime surfaced that you should know about, especially if changing money at the...
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Lost, Delayed and Damaged Luggage – Tips You Need to Know Before You Fly

POSTED July 4th 2015 BY traveladmin
You have either seen it or heard about this gut wrenching experience. Your airplane arrives at your final destination – you walk down to baggage claim – and stand at the baggage carousel for what seems like an eternity. You watch everyone else’s bags come down the conveyor belt. Then the carousel comes to an abrupt stop. You stand there staring at the empty baggage carousel...
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Travel Scams to Avoid on Your Next Trip Overseas

POSTED January 23rd 2015 BY traveladmin
The Most Common Travel Scams You Want to Avoid on Your Next Trip Read on to learn a few of the tricks that sneak thieves and con artists have waiting in store for you in. The purpose of the scams is to steal from you. The scammers want your possession or your money. You want to hold onto both. So read the below as an eye...
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Can You Fly If Your Driver’s License or ID Card Were Lost or Stolen

POSTED January 17th 2015 BY traveladmin
Contrary to popular belief, passengers 18 years of age or older are not automatically denied boarding if they cannot provide proper identification – they may still fly on domestic flights in the US, provided that they go through additional identity and security screening at the security checkpoint. This policy is specifically noted on the TSA’s website, at the page linked below. So the answer is...
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Tips on How to Avoid Lost Luggage

POSTED June 10th 2014 BY traveladmin
Bags get lost, stolen, opened by dishonest employees, or break open while being handled. The occurrence rate for this is low, but it does happen. Nearly 1.8 million pieces of luggage were lost, stolen, or damaged by major U.S. airlines in 2012—and that’s just on domestic flights.That is a mishandling of 3.09 bags per 1,000 passengers. These tips on how to avoid lost luggage will increase...
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Airport Maps

POSTED November 19th 2013 BY traveladmin
Know before your go!  Before you confirm that connecting flight make sure you leave yourself enough time to make to your next departure.  How far is the  connecting gate?  Some airports have trains and trams you need to board to get to another terminal, and they can be time consuming so you have to plan accordingly.  If you’re traveling with children leave yourself additional time,...
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Aircraft Emergency Tips

POSTED January 20th 2013 BY traveladmin
There are certain rows of the aircraft designated as exit rows. You can tell if you are in an exit row if there is an emergency exit around the window. People seating in exit rows should be prepared to assist the flight attendants and other passengers should the aircraft need to be evacuated in an emergency. An exit row passenger should be physically capable of opening the heavy, bulky exit row door, should...
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What You Can and Cannot Take on Airplanes

POSTED May 25th 2010 BY traveladmin
The  TSA WEBSITE  has the latest list of items that you cannot take on an airplane. It’s worth a quick glance before you start packing. Avoid the hassle, embarrassment,  and even cost of having to remove something from your carry-on luggage as you go through TSA screening.
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Flight Tracker

POSTED January 21st 2010 BY traveladmin
    Tracking your flight is fun and easy. Now your kids, or someone picking you up can see exactly where your flight is! Click here to see how easy it is.                Arrive rested and ready to start your adventure, find first-class comfort items for your trip. Click here for First Class Comfort Pillows, No Jet Lag and More   My...
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How to Prevent Theft at Airport Screening

POSTED January 20th 2010 BY traveladmin
If You Carry a Laptop Or Briefcase Containing Valuable Material on Board … This is a Must Read! This scam is pulled off by two people working together to victimize a lone traveler carrying a laptop computer or other valuable carry-on baggage and approaching a metal detector. They position themselves in front of the unsuspecting passenger and stall until their mark puts the laptop on...
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