Money and Credit Cards

Tipping Guidelines for Hotel, Restaurants and Bars

POSTED January 30th 2016 BY Ellen
Tipping Guidelines for Hotel, Restaurants, and Bars Not many people remember that the word “tip” is an acronym for “to insure promptness” anymore. Tipping  now has become expected and standardized. In some countries everyone from the waiter to the porter to the proprietor figure-in gratuities as part of  their wages.  In other countries, it’s a different story. Here’s some help in paying your own percentage...
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How to Avoid Train and Metro Ticket Machine Scams

POSTED December 27th 2015 BY Travel Writer
How to Avoid Train and Metro Scams – Part 1 Ticket Machine Scams Listen-Up fellow travelers. When traveling overseas, travelers can fall victim to a variety of travel scams – and one area that stands out is train and metro stations. This is part 1 of a two-part audio presentation from Detective Kevin Coffey and specifically focuses on how to avoid falling victim to some...
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How To Get the Best Currency Exchange Rate

POSTED October 19th 2015 BY Travel Writer
What’s the Currency Exchange Rate – All I need to do is compare them against each other to get the best rate right? Most travelers think that as long as they know the exchange rates  – they can simply compare them from one currency exchange booth to another – and sometimes you’ll find several all in a row. But, when it comes to money changing,...
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Money Exchange Scams You Need to Know Before You Cash In

POSTED October 14th 2015 BY kevin4371
  Most likely you’ve  seen and probably exchanged money at a currency exchange booth while traveling. Unfortunately, scams which shortchange travelers using money changing services seem to be on the increase. From the moment you step off the airplane into an airport and walk down to baggage claim, as well as around any popular tourist destination, you’ll see money changing booths. The following are the...
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How to Exchange Money Safely at Mexico City’s Airport

POSTED October 9th 2015 BY kevin4371
Any airport you fly into will have a number of currency exchange offices in the airport terminal or baggage claim area, and many travelers use them to exchange money into local currency. Most of the time the kiosks are safe – other than their higher than average exchange rate.  Recently a travel crime surfaced that you should know about, especially if changing money at the...
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Avoid Excessive ATM Fees When Traveling Abroad

POSTED October 5th 2015 BY kevin4371
Avoid Potential Excessive ATM Fees When Traveling Abroad While this may not happen everywhere, but it seems to be a problem at some ATMs in Mexico, specifically around Cancun. While many travelers may not pay attention to these small charges – they can add up – so be aware. It sure seems that some international banks find funny ways to charge you additional fees when...
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ATM Tips Safety and Security Tips

POSTED October 3rd 2015 BY Ellen
Because of the variety of ATMs, the unique characteristics of each installation, and crime considerations at each location, no single formula can guarantee the security of ATM customers. Therefore, it is necessary for ATM customers to consider the environment around each ATM and various procedures for remaining safe when using an ATM. Criminals select their victims and targets, focusing on the unaware or unprepared. Criminals...
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RFID Pickpockets – Stop’em with RFID Blocking Gear

POSTED October 18th 2014 BY Ellen
You may think of a pickpocket as a person that bumps into you to steal your wallet, but now there’s a different kind of pickpocketing and it’s called electronic pickpocketing. How do RFID pickpockets work, and why can they be so devastating?  Tech-savvy RFID pickpockets – which are also known as “digital thieves” can now silently download your personal credit card information and ID data with handheld “skimming” devices...
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Important Credit Card Tips – Read Before You Travel

POSTED June 8th 2014 BY Ellen
There are several things you must do when you take your credit cards with you on vacation – especially if you are traveling internationally.  You should have a plan of action to protect  if your credit card is lost or stolen when on vacation, not just because a missing credit card can wreak havoc on your vacation plans, but it can leave a traveler vulnerable...
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