Hotel In-Room Safes- Not so Safe?

Hotel Room Safes – They May Not Be as Safe as You Think

POSTED September 11th 2017 BY Beth Williams
For years, you have always been told not to leave your valuables out in plain view when you leave your hotel room. Thefts of valuables from hotel rooms, while not rampant, are a real problem. Master keys and master key cards in the wrong hands make the thefts easier and faster. See what happens when thieves gain access to a hotel’s master key card system or...
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Why You Need to Pack a Portable Travelsafe

POSTED October 14th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Your laptop, phone, and wallet are not just valuable to you, they are valuable to others too, so protect your gear virtually anywhere with a portable travelsafe. Safes are no longer just metal boxes, and they’re definitely not just for homes. Portable travel safes offer security in hotels, vacation rentals, vehicles, RVs, boats, offices, dorms, and even outdoors!  The latest safe designs are portable, packable...
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How Safe Are Hotel Room Safes?

POSTED February 7th 2013 BY Beth Williams
Every “how to” article about keeping your valuables secure in a hotel recommends placing them in the in-room safe.  Your hotel safe is a good place to keep valuables out of view and it is a much better solution than trying to hide them in your room.  However, no room safe is 100% secure, here’s why. All hotels have a backdoor or “special way” so...
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How to Open a Hotel Room Safe

POSTED September 24th 2011 BY Beth Williams
How to Open a Hotel  Room Safe with a Paper Clip Not all hotel room safes are created equal. The quality and level of security hotel room safes provide varies. In some cases you can open a hotel room safe with a paper clip. It’s best to plan ahead if you want maximum security. You can bring your own portable safe ( which only you...
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