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Where The Most Germs Live in Airports and on Airplanes-It’s Not Where You Think!

POSTED February 6th 2024 BY Travel Writer
If you travel on planes for business or pleasure, you’ll encounter hidden germs along the way from the airport to the airplane. Knowing where the most germs on airplanes are and where the most germs in the airports are could mean the difference in keeping you healthy on your next trip. Good health is everything when you travel because you want to enjoy your adventure....
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Wrinkle Resist Shirt Folder

POSTED January 27th 2024 BY Travel Writer
Pack a shirt without wrinkles This Travel Shirt Folder Keeps Dress and Casual Shirts from Scrunching up and Wrinkling in Your Bag A wrinkle-resistant shirt folder is a must-have travel accessory for packing shirts without wrinkles. This shirt folder can keep up to five shirts wrinkle-free in your checked or carry-on luggage. It also keeps your shirts clean and minimizes space in your bag, so...
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On-Board Theft: 10 Tips to Protect Valuables While You Snooze in the Sky

POSTED January 8th 2024 BY Beth Williams
Are Your Valuables Safe In Your Carry-On Bag? With all the other worries associated with air travel, the last thing you want to think about is theft on board airplanes. The people who steal from travelers’ carry-on bags are both airline employees (usually flight attendants) and fellow travelers. Most thefts on board aircraft occur on international flights, as they are longer flights on which many passengers sleep and...
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Which Purses Pickpockets Love To Pick

POSTED January 6th 2024 BY Beth Williams
Finding a pickpocket-proof purse or pickpocket-proof bag for travel is a smart investment for keeping your valuables secure and is your first line of defense against pickpockets and street thieves both at home and while traveling. Wearing a bag crossbody style with the bag hanging in front of you and not resting on your hip or behind makes it very difficult for a thief, no...
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Can You Fly If Your Driver’s License or ID Card Was Lost or Stolen?

POSTED November 28th 2023 BY Beth Williams
 The short answer to “Can You Fly If Your Driver’s License or ID Card Was Lost or Stolen” is yes, but read on. It’s a panic moment, you’re leaving for the airport and you can’t find a government photo ID like a driver’s license, passport, or military ID. It is lost or stolen. The good news is that if you’re 18 years of age or...
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Trending Anti-Theft Crossbody Handbags for Travel

POSTED November 11th 2023 BY Travel Writer
Looking for an anti-theft crossbody handbag for travel? If you’re planning on traveling finding an anti-theft crossbody handbag is a must. Today’s bags are so well designed that they are a popular choice for nontravelers for use as an everyday bag too.  Anti-theft crossbody bags or purses look like regular bags or purses however, their discreet built-in security features will let you enjoy even the...
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