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Why You Need to Pack a Portable Travelsafe

POSTED June 22nd 2018 BY Travel Writer
Your laptop, phone, and wallet are not just valuable to you, they are valuable to others too, so protect your gear virtually anywhere with a portable safe. Safes are no longer just metal boxes, and they’re definitely not just for homes, portable travel safes offer security in hotels, vacation rentals, vehicles, RVs, boats, offices, dorms, and even outdoors too! The latest safe designs are packable and...
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POSTED June 21st 2018 BY Travel Writer
Travel Tips and Advice for Safer, More Comfortable, and Worry-Free Travel. Get the latest smart and practical travel advice to your inbox. Read it now or create a folder and read in before you go. You’ll get advice on how to avoid scams and professional thieves who prey on tourists, how to save money, what travel gear is best for you and so much more....
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Portable Travel Carbon Monoxide Alarm

POSTED June 5th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Recently the news reported a sad story about a family from Iowa killed in their room while they slept by what was suspected to be to a Carbon Monoxide poisoning. While not a common occurrence carbon monoxide leaks can happen at hotels, private vacation home rentals, and even at home. One simple item about the size of a pack of cigarettes can protect your’s and your...
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What You Can and Cannot Take on Airplanes

POSTED May 25th 2018 BY Beth Williams
To breeze through the TSA process proper planning and packing will expedite the screening process. Know what you can pack in your carry on bag and checked baggage before arriving at the airport by reviewing the lists below. Even if an item is generally permitted, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed through the checkpoint if it triggers an alarm during the...
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Portable Door Locks for Travel

POSTED May 12th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Which Portable Door Lock / Alarm is Best for My Travel Needs?  Yours and your family’s security and peace of mind is of paramount importance whether on vacation, for an overnight stay, or at home. Do you have a student in a dorm? Are you staying in a vacation rental or cabin? Chances many of these locations just reuse the keys and there is no telling who has a...
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What’s the Difference Between a Travel Charger and Adapter

POSTED May 10th 2018 BY Travel Writer
Travel Adapters Vs Converters Most of the time, you will need adapter plugs when traveling and in some cases, you may need a voltage converter. If you’re not sure what you need, read on for a better understanding. Electrical Appliances work at: >110/120 volts = USA/Canada >220/240 volts = Vast Majority of the World Converters Converters change the voltage from one level to another, usually...
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