Pickpockets Videos See Them in Action

Top Pickpocket Destinations Around the World

POSTED October 9th 2017 BY Travel Writer
Cities from Paris to Rome to Barcelona are full of beauty, from unique architecture to delicious food to amazing art. However, where there are tourists there are pickpockets. These are the world’s top pickpocket destinations, and we’re here to tell you what you need to know before you go. Stay safe on your next trip by taking precautions to protect your passport, wallet or ID....
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Restaurant Purse Theft Videos

POSTED September 26th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Tips and Tools to Keep Your Purse Secure While You Dine Thieves often prey on unsuspecting diners, especially tourists, while they are enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Watch these videos that capture thieves who seem to be restaurant patrons help themselves to more than just a meal. Having your purse stolen while traveling overseas can devastate your trip and cause a huge inconvenience – especially when...
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Beach Theft – Thieves Caught on Video Plus Prevention Tips

POSTED March 11th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Going to the beach is something that you’ll want to do especially when visiting a tropical or sunny destination, however, it’s a tricky situation if you take valuables like a phone, cash, car keys or credit cards with you to the sand. What’s the best way to protect your valuables? Hide them in your beach bag? Do you carry them when you stroll along the...
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A Street Smart Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets – Actual Pickpocket Videos

POSTED February 27th 2016 BY Beth Williams
Pickpockets have been around ever since the invention of pockets, purses, and carry bags. Unfortunately, it is just something that travelers need to be prepared for when they travel – especially when visiting crowded tourist destinations. One of the best ways to outsmart pickpockets is to know their scams, diversions, and methods, so you won’t be victimized. Think of it as part of getting ready...
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Video See Pickpockets Caught in the Act

POSTED December 29th 2015 BY Travel Writer
The below video shows how well-orchestrated pickpockets operate in Argentina. This video is from the Travel and Escape TV network and really catches thieves in action and even gets them to talk to the camera when caught. Protect yourself and your valuables when traveling. You as a tourist are a prime target. If victimized you’ll most likely not take the time to report the theft to...
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Paris – Fake Petition Scam – Watch Video and Learn From A Victim

POSTED October 29th 2015 BY Beth Williams
Be Careful in Paris and Don’t Fall for the – Fake Petitioner Scam The fake petition scam has been going on in France, Italy, and Spain for years because it is so successful. It’s a scam many first time visitors fall for because it starts out as what appears to be a legitimate conversation with a friendly local. You should avoid like the plague. You...
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How to Avoid Bus Pickpockets – Video

POSTED September 2nd 2015 BY Beth Williams
Crowds are a great work environment for pickpockets. Add a little motion of a train or bus and it is even better to disguise any bumps or touches. This video catches a pickpocket working a crowded bus. The videos below show how easy it is for a pickpocket to steal a wallet from an unsuspecting tourist who is riding on a crowded bus or train....
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Spain – Video of Distraction Thieves Stealing from Tourists in Barcelona

POSTED January 12th 2014 BY Beth Williams
Barcelona Beach Thefts If there are tourists there will be thieves to take advantage of them. Distraction thefts can occur anywhere, especially in locations where thieves know they can find tourists like at this beach in Barcelona, Spain.  Watch these set of thieves do a simple distraction and steal their mark’s  travel bag.  Always be alert whenever you set your valuables down – as you...
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Would You Stop a Pickpocket from Stealing? A Social Experiment

stop a pickpocket

Pickpockets love back pockets

We are constantly amazed at how bold pickpockets systematically steal from travelers. What’s even more amazing if how often theft occurs – especially overseas, and people who see the crime take place hardly ever take action. This further emboldens the sneak thieves to continue to operate without being caught. Would you stop a pickpocket from stealing a strangers wallet?

The following video was filmed in Europe and was done as a social experiment to show how seldom people would alert a victim that someone has taken their wallet. Watch this video and you will see for yourself how many passerby’s just ignore someone being victimized. This video reaffirms why you need to be very vigilant in carrying your valuables out of reach of pickpockets – as few will come to your rescue should you be victimized.

So why don’t observers get involved? Most likely they just don’t want to get involved – for a variety of reasons.  Many may fear being attacked by a criminal. Yet what is more interesting is that few by-standers will even take the time to alert the victim that their wallet was just stolen so that they can take whatever action they would deem appropriate.

So what is the best course of action for you?  If you’re the observer that is up to you. If you’re not, try not to be victimized in the first place by not being an easy target. The best two ways you accomplish this is by being aware of your surroundings, especially of people who try to get close to you in crowds and otherwise, and by safe-guarding your valuables. You can best do that by using an anti-theft wallet, anti-theft travel purse or anti-theft bag. The benefit is you can relax and enjoy your adventure knowing your passport, money and credit cards are hidden and secured on your person.

Learn more about the latest in anti-theft travel gear, visit www.corporatetravelsafety.com


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Is Your Purse Safe in an Elevator?

POSTED July 21st 2013 BY Beth Williams
Think your purse is safe in an elevator? Pickpockets operate in many locations – and elevators are one of them that thieves have used as locations to target wallets for years. Travelers should make sure they take guard in elevators, especially in locations where they are commonly used by tourists, as pickpockets like these locations since they are usually packed with potential victims. The Eiffel...
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