Over the Counter Meds You Should Always Pack

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It never fails if you’re going to get sick while away from home, it’ll happen at night when the stores are closed or somewhere when you’re a distance from a town with a drug store, and the worst scenario is it happens in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. So be prepared to alleviate your symptoms or cure your ills by always packing a few key medications in travel sizes. I personally keep them in my toiletry bag and never take them out so they are always on hand for my next trip. The trick so that you’re not packing your whole medicine chest or liquids is to look for travel-sized packages of tablets as they are light and take up minimal space in your luggage.

If you’re going to a more exotic destination visit a travel clinic first. They can help with vaccines and prescription medications. Contact your physician if you need to travel with prescriptions or medical devices.  Take photos with your phone or photocopies of your prescription bottles and scripts in case of loss while you’re traveling having your exact dose, physician’s name and contact information available can help facilitate getting replacements in another location.

Here are our top picks for over the counter meds.

Anti Diarrheal  and Heartburn Medication
Diarrhea is usually brought on by contaminated food or water or by bacteria that your system is not used to. Whatever the cause you want relief as soon as you feel bad.
Pack Imodium or Nexium

Pain and Fever Medication
These medicines can help with achy feet, sore muscles, headaches brought on by high altitude or jet lag and so much more.
Pack Advil or Tylenol


Over the Counter Mild Laxative
Here we go with more tummy ailments…
Pack Miralax or Senokot

Over the Counter  Antihistamine
Allergies can spring up in a new climate, don’t suffer the misery of a stuffy or a runny nose, itchy eyes or sneezing.
Pack Claritin or Zyrtec


Over the Counter Sleep Aid
These can come in handy to help overcome jet lag, noisy sleeping conditions and with sleeping while en route.
Pack Unisom or Melatonin



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