Where The Most Germs Live in Airports and on Airlines-It’s Not Where You Think!

BY Travel Writer

If you travel on the airlines for business or pleasure, you’re going to meet hidden germs along the way from the airport to the airplane. If you know where the most germs are hiding in the airports and on the airplanes, it could mean the difference in keeping you healthy on your next trip. Good health is everything when you travel because you want to enjoy your adventure.

The Top Three Places for Germs on Airplanes and in Airports

InsuranceQuotes.com recently conducted 18 bacterial tests on six surfaces at three major U.S. airports and airline flights. According to the results of the test, there are three top areas at the airports and three top areas on the airlines with the largest collection of bacteria most likely to make you sick.

The bottom line is to pack a few items you deem necessary in your carry-on for peace of mind including hand sanitizer, disinfecting wet wipes, a travel pillow, and a travel blanket, these few items can make all the difference in the world for your health.


  1. SELF-CHECK-IN KIOSKS. Think about how many people have touched the buttons on the kiosks before your arrival at the airport. Regular travelers use kiosks to save time so it’s important to take hand sanitizer with you on your next airline flight.
  2. AIRLINE GATE BENCH ARMREST. Travelers oftentimes wait for an hour or more at the gates. As a result, they’re using the toilet or eating at the gate benches and touching the armrest repeatedly. Have they washed their hands when they used the facilities? Have they touched the floor when they picked up their bag? It’s a good practice to take a travel size of disinfecting or sanitizing wet wipes with you to wipe down the armrest.
  3. WATER FOUNTAIN BUTTON. If you travel regularly, you might consider avoiding the water fountain and buying bottled water instead.

Airport Germs, germs on airplanes


  1. LAVATORY FLUSH BUTTON. Grab a paper towel and push the flush button instead of using your bare hand.
  2. AIRLINE TRAY TABLE. Think about how often they wash those tray tables. Use those sanitizing wet wipes to freshen that surface before you take off. You’ll have better health by the time you arrive at your next destination.
  3. SEAT BELT BUCKLE. Every traveler is required to wear a seatbelt, so you have to touch it. So use those disinfecting wet wipes on the seat buckle too.

germs on airplanes

Having a few items handy as you start your trip can make all the difference.  Health-conscious travelers pack the following.
hand sanitizer
1-ounce travel-sized sanitizing gel bottles are designed to clip onto bags, backpacks, and purses. The mild formula does not dry out the skin.

disinfecting wet wipes
Sanitizing wipes for on board tray tables, seat buckles and seat armrests on both onboard the aircraft and in airport waiting areas.

travel pillow
A personal travel pillow is hygienic. Select a pillow with a removable and washable cover for freshness. Many designs will compact down into a small carry case to minimize the room they take up. An inflatable pillow compacts down even more and is ultra-lightweight.

travel blanket
A clean and handy blanket can keep you comfortable and warm will in the sky.  Use it at your destination too as an additional blanket for your bed, as a picnic blanket or lumbar roll on trains or busses.

My tip is to keep these items with your carry-on or luggage at home so you don’t forget to pack them. They can help keep you healthy, now enjoy your trip!

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