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Rideshare safety is more than common sense. Use technology to keep you safe. You want to do your best to avoid uncomfortable and dangerous situations as a matter of habit. Luckily using a ride-share service like Lyft or Uber in a new place is just as easy and secure as it is at home. Review this suggested safety routine for trips you take here and then follow it when traveling too.

Rideshare Safety Tips for Travelers

  1. Request Your Ride From Inside
    Even if you have to step inside a place it’s a good idea to do so and to wait there for your driver. The objective is to minimize the time you’re outside alone with your phone in your hand. Go out when the app shows that your driver has arrived.
  2. Verify Your Ride
    Make sure you’re getting into the right car with the right driver. The app provides you the make and model of the vehicle, the license plate, and a photo of the driver that is picking you up. Make sure the vehicle and driver match to what is shown in your app. If they don’t match don’t get inside the vehicle, tell the driver you’ve changed your mind and go back inside.
  3. Have the Driver Confirm Your Name
    Before entering the vehicle ask the driver ” Who are you here to pick up?” The driver sees your first name in the app, so if they don’t know, again pass on the ride. The driver may, in turn, ask you to confirm their name too.
  4. Sit in the Back Seat
    Sit in the backseat, this gives you the option to exit on either side of the vehicle and keeps the situation more professional, especially if traveling alone.
  5. Buckle Up
    Using a seat belt is highly effective in reducing injuries and can be life-saving in the event of a crash.
  6. Share Your Trip
    Your Uber or Lyft app offers a feature to share your ride or trip status. Send a friend or family member your trip by clicking on this option, they will receive updates on your ride which includes vehicle information and an ETA.
  7. Don’t Share Personal Information
    Keep details about yourself, where you are staying and where and why you’re going somewhere to yourself.
  8. If You Find That You’re in a Situation Call 911 
    You can call 911 from the Lyft or Uber app. The apps show real-time location and vehicle information you can then share with the live 911 operator.
  9. Speak on Your Phone (or pretend to) so the driver thinks you’re connected with someone who is waiting for you at y our destination.

You can read more safety tips and advice or learn about how Uber and Lyft apps work. by visiting their respective websites.

Bonus tip: Verify that Uber and Lyft have operations in your destination(s). You may have to find another ride-share service that operates there and download their app. Do this before you travel.

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