Protecting Bags/Luggage/Purses

On-Board Theft – 10 Tips to Protect Valuables While You Snooze in the Sky

POSTED December 8th 2016 BY Ellen
Are Your Valuables Safe In Your Carry-On Bag? With all the other worries associated with air travel, the last thing you want to think about is theft on board airplanes. The people who steal from travelers’ carry-on bags are both airline employees (usually flight attendants) and fellow travelers. Unfortunately, theft from sleeping and unknowing passengers has been going on for years – while not extremely common, it only...
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Restaurant Purse Theft Videos

POSTED September 26th 2015 BY Ellen
Tips and Tools to Prevent Purse Thefts in Restaurants Thefts of purses at restaurants is an issue that impacts travelers around the world – and is why all travelers should spend a little bit of time educating themselfs how to avoid have their purse or travel bag stolen while dining in restaurants. Having your purse stolen while traveling overseas can devastate your trip and many times will cause...
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Spain – How Women Carry Their Handbags in Barcelona

POSTED March 3rd 2013 BY Ellen
Pickpockets in Barcelona  love crowds and distracted tourists. The following video shows how women carry their purses while walking down the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain.  Note how many women hold their purse or handbag in front of them, have purses that have short straps which ride high in their arm pit, or clutch their bags tightly – all in response to  safeguarding their valuables from...
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Which Purses Pickpockets Love To Pick

POSTED February 6th 2013 BY Ellen
Finding a pickpocket-proof purse for travel is a smart investment for keeping your valuables secure. Here is some friendly advice and tips from a thief who is now helping people avoid becoming victims. Read on to learn how pickpockets operate and which purses thieves like to steal from the most.  Pickpocket proof purses have hidden built-in anti-theft features to help keep your valuables safe. The Type...
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Pickpocket Prevention- Be a Difficult Target

POSTED February 27th 2012 BY Ellen
Be a Difficult Target – Make it Hard for Pickpockets and Sneak Thieves to Get to Your Valuables Pickpockets have been targeting tourists for as long as anyone can remember, and tourists have fallen for their tricks as long as anyone can remember. The following tips will help you develop your own pickpocket prevention plan to outfox pesky pickpockets. Don’t be a target and let...
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How to Pickpocket Proof Your Purse and Shoulderbag

POSTED January 23rd 2011 BY Ellen
How to Pickpocket Proof Your Purse or Shoulder Bag If you don’t want to purchase a pickpocket proof purse or shoulder bag like those found here, you may want to modify your own purse or handbag to make it pickpocket proof.  While it may not look as sleek as those anti-theft purses and shoulder bags that were designed specifically to stop pickpocket, these simple modifications...
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