A Street Smart Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets – Actual Pickpocket Videos

POSTED February 27th 2016 BY Ellen
Pickpockets have been around ever since the invention of pockets, purses, and carry bags. Unfortunately, it is just something that travelers need to be prepared for when they travel – especially when visiting crowded tourist destinations. One of the best ways to outsmart pickpockets is to know their scams, diversions, and methods, so you won’t be victimized. Think of it as part of getting ready...
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Italy – Child Pickpockets a Menace in Venice

POSTED February 6th 2016 BY Ellen
While Venice is one of the jewels of Italy, it also has a reputation for child pickpockets. Most first time tourists to Italy pick Venice as one of their destinations to visit. First-time tourists and even repeat visitors should be aware that while they are enjoying the charms of the city they are targets for pickpockets including child pickpockets. What may take thieves just a moment...
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RFID Pickpockets – Stop’em with RFID Blocking Gear

POSTED October 18th 2015 BY Ellen
You may think of a pickpocket as a person that bumps into you to steal your wallet, but now there’s a different kind of pickpocketing and it’s called electronic pickpocketing. How do RFID pickpockets work, and why can they be so devastating?  Tech-savvy RFID pickpockets – which are also known as “digital thieves” can now silently download your personal credit card information and ID data with handheld “skimming” devices...
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Watch How Female Pickpockets in Viet Nam Target Male Travelers

POSTED October 11th 2015 BY kevin4371
Any male traveler should watch the below video which caught pickpockets stealing from tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam.  See how a street gang of men and young women worked together to target men. While Ho Chi Minh Police have said that they have shut down this gang by arresting around 30 suspects related to this group of pickpocketing thieves, the video...
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Beggars Fake Handicaps – Prey on Tourists’ Emotions

POSTED June 27th 2015 BY Ellen
Beggars faking handicaps are found around the world, and they love to target travelers who often have big hearts to give them money.  If you’re one of those kind-hearted tourists you need to know that many beggars are very healthy people who are scamming you.  They are great actors. They dress up and pretend that they are poor and handicapped. Some beggars go so far...
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France – Found-Lost Gold Ring Scam in Paris – Video

POSTED August 3rd 2014 BY Ellen
Beware of the Lost – Found Gold Ring Scam The “lost ring” scam is one of the oldest and most famous of the tourist scams in Paris, as well as other parts of Europe popular with tourists.  Due to its success of ripping tourists off, locals have given it a name – they call it “being ringed.”  There are several versions of what many call...
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How to Avoid Pickpockets by Watching Videos of Pickpockets in Action

POSTED August 2nd 2014 BY Ellen
Taking a little bit of time to make sure you street smart before you travel overseas can be a very important detail if you want to make sure you dont want to bring home memories of hanging out in a police station making a stolen wallet or passport report. Learning how pickpockets and street thieves operate is one of the best ways to help make...
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How Purse Thieves Work

POSTED February 7th 2014 BY Ellen
Purse thieves and pickpockets have been around for as long as anyone remembers – or at least as long as purses have been around. To many, being pickpocked is just part of life, but knowing how purse thieves work is vital in reducing your chances of having your purse picked.  Take it from the women who it has happened to  – having your purse stolen or...
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Backpack Pickpockets – 3 Tips on How to Not to be Victimized

POSTED November 26th 2013 BY Ellen
Both professional and opportunistic pickpockets know that stealing items of value from the back pocket of of a backpack is like taking candy from a baby. What makes that pocket so tempting is that the majority of people place their  wallet  camera or cellphone in that pocket. Most of these pockets are not deep where small items can get lost.   Tips # 1 Many...
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England – Beware of ‘Hugger Muggers” in the UK

POSTED October 14th 2013 BY Ellen
In the UK, especially in London, Camden, and Westminster, law enforcement has seen a definite rise in theft of wallets and cell phones by what are being called “hugger muggers.”   This type of crime is committed by pickpockets who appear to specifically target club-goers and late-night revelers.  The pickpockets, who are both men and women will walk up to someone either inside or exiting a...
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