Women Safety Tips

Sexual Assaults on Airplanes – Know Before You Fly

POSTED March 17th 2017 BY Travel Writer
Being sexually assaulted on an airplane is the last thing any traveler would think about, yet it’s a subject that has seen a rise in reporting over the last several years. The FBI has recently reported that in-flight sexual assaults have increased by 45% in 2016, over the prior year. Many of these in-air sexual assaults have occurred on international flights which have caused some air...
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2016 Top 5 Travel Apps

POSTED July 22nd 2016 BY Travel Writer
Apps are intended to make every part of your life easier especially while traveling. Travel Apps vary from helping you pack less, to planning trips intelligently, to even having access to world maps and languages that can help you communicate and travel easily within your destination. Here are 5 mobile apps you need to check out for your travel plans in 2016. Hopper- Airfare Predictions...
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Women’s Travel Essentials

POSTED May 10th 2016 BY Travel Writer
Travel Essentials  – How to Pack Peace of Mind It’s exhilarating to see new places and experience new cultures. While you’re focused on enjoying the people, food, sights, and even ordinary street life be sure to always be aware of your surroundings. Being aware means making a mental picture of the street names, if you’re exploring the city. Being aware on public transportation means not...
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Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

POSTED February 6th 2016 BY Ellen
A solo woman traveler has so much to think about.  Here are a few good tips or at the very least some good advice to consider before you go out on your adventure. Whether or not you are married, wear a wedding ring, It cuts down on the unwanted attentions from men. If you get into a tight spot, then you can casually mention that...
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Halloween Safety Tips for Adults and Kids

POSTED October 20th 2015 BY Travel Writer
Halloween is fun, full of excitement and activity, and it’s easy to forget to engage in some common sense safety practices whether it’s trick-or-treating with the little goblins or going out with adults.  These simple and not so scary personal safety tips will help keep you safe this Halloween season.  At Home 1. Know who’s at your door. Keep yourself safe by not opening your...
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How Purse Thieves Work

POSTED February 7th 2014 BY Ellen
Purse thieves and pickpockets have been around for as long as anyone remembers – or at least as long as purses have been around. To many, being pickpocked is just part of life, but knowing how purse thieves work is vital in reducing your chances of having your purse picked.  Take it from the women who it has happened to  – having your purse stolen or...
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How to Choose A Personal Alarm

POSTED November 24th 2013 BY Ellen
Personal Alarms: How do I choose? There are lots of different types of personal alarms. Choosing the best one for you is easy if you know what to look for – read on for loads of suggestions and tips on how to make the right choice. The Purpose of a Personal Alarm The purpose of a Personal Safety Alarm is to shock and disorient an attacker,...
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How to Avoid Date Rape Drugs

POSTED January 23rd 2012 BY Ellen
Date Rape Drugs Whenever you travel, especially alone, you need to be concerned how to avoid date rape drugs – and having them slipped into your drink.  Obviously this is an issue that impacts women more than men, but men have fallen victim to these drugs too, and many report that the amount of these cases against men has been growing in the last ten years....
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Honeymoon Identity Crisis – Read Before You Travel on Your Honeymoon!

POSTED September 18th 2011 BY Ellen
Problem – The Name on Your ID Doesn’t Match the Name on Your Ticket This is a common honeymooner pitfall that has affected plenty of newly married couples who travel right after they get married. Newlywed couples arriving at the airport to take their honeymoon trip face an identification crisis at airport check-in – the bride is booked on the airline and trip tickets in her...
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Five Things to Learn From Someone Who Fell Victim to a Pickpocket

POSTED August 27th 2011 BY Ellen
If you have never fallen victim to a pickpocket, you are lucky – and to tell you the truth – if you were just a little street smart, you may never in your lifetime. However, pickpockets come in a variety of levels of expertise, and falling victim to one, especially one who gets all of your information, credit cards, as well as your passport and...
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