About Us

Corporate Travel Safety is family run and dedicated to providing smart travel advice, safety tips, and news to make your adventures and trips more worry-free. Like you, we love to travel with the maximum peace of mind possible.

Our Mission

Despite the word corporate in our name, our mission is to provide individual travelers with relevant travel safety advice and news to reduce the fear of being victimized or scammed while traveling. We want you to see more, do more, and experience more.

Our Commitment to Crime Prevention

Corporate Travel Safety supports educating travelers. We believe that every person who travels should be able to travel without the fear of being victimized by thieves or scammers. We also adhere to the belief that travelers should do what they can to decrease their victim potential and by that, they must learn what measures they can take to reduce their potential crime victimization.

We feel everyone must give something back to society to make this world a better, safer place. Our contribution is in our blog which contains over 300 pages of travel safety information, the largest free site for this type of information outside of the US government.

Corporate Travel Safety, LLC, was founded by Detective Kevin Coffey, an active police detective with one of the largest police departments in the nation. He started the airport crimes investigations detail and was responsible for investigating thousands of crimes committed against travelers at his city’s international airport, hotels, and car rental agencies. After numerous interviews on television about travel crime, Detective Coffey became a sought after expert on travel crime prevention. Det. Coffey now speaks and conducts seminars for corporations and professional associations.

Our Company

Corporate Travel Safety, LLC has been serving travelers since 1998. Corporate Travel Safety, LLC is located in Calabasas, a suburb outside of Los Angeles, CA.