11 Items Frequent Flyers Pack, And You Should Too!

BY Beth Williams

These items frequent flyers pack are clever and offer up multiple uses and/or can save you money. Savvy and frequent travelers pack all or some of these essentials. Be prepared for any situation. Buying these travel gadgets at your destination can be difficult, more expensive, or simply not available, so do what frequent travelers do.

Gear Frequent Flyers and Frequent Travelers Pack

If you can, keep these items stored at home with your luggage so you don’t forget to pack them. If you can’t do that, keep a list taped to your luggage to remind yourself to pack these items that frequent flyers pack too.

Portable Power Supply You never know when your phone or other devices will need power when you’re away from your hotel, keep it in your bag, always. This device can charge 2 devices at once like your phone and tablet.

Portable Travel Safe  A very important item frequent flyers pack is something to protect their passport, money and other valuables, including medicines, is a safe that only they can access. Hotel safes out of necessity must have a “backdoor” way of access so they are not 100% secure from others. This safe which packs flat is designed to be only accessible by you. Available in several sizes, this one also protects your laptop. Our son recently took this with him on a study abroad program to secure his laptop and passport. He locked it to his bed frame.

Power Strip Outlet shortage at the airport? A multi-socket power strip helps share the juice from a single public outlet. Forgot your charging iPod in your hotel room? Frequent travelers know that by plugging all of your electronics into the same place, you’ll be less likely to leave one behind.  Many rooms aboard only one or two power outlets, this solves who gets to charge their phone first. One catch: abroad, you’ll need to use an adapter to make sure the strip can be plugged in.

Bandana The list of obvious uses for a bandana is a longhand towel, lens cleaner, eye mask, hair tie, headband, scarf, cooling device (when dampened)—but this versatile carry-on can also work in a pinch as a pillow when you tie it around a bundled-up sweater, as a sling for a sprained arm, and even as a hobo pouch to tote your belongings. Look for an over-sized one for maximum flexibility.

Duct Tape From bandaging up exploded luggage to removing lint from clothing, duct tape earns its all-purpose reputation. Carry a small roll(about $5) with you to patch tears in shoes, bags, or clothing; baby-proof your hotel room by covering outlets and securing drawers shut; hold together a well-worn guidebook when the spine gives out; for marking your luggage so it will stand out in a sea of black bags on the baggage carousel. Frequent travelers keep a roll of duct tape in their bag so they never forget it.

Travel Mug with Lid To prevent damage, transport sunglasses or delicate souvenirs in an empty travel mug with a wide mouth—just make sure it has a secure top. During your trip, the mug can be an eco-friendly to-go cup or a great decoy for stashing valuables in your hotel room assuming you didn’t invest in a travel safe.

Moist Towelettes They aren’t just for babies! Not only can you sanitize your hands and kill germs on tray tables, doorknobs, tabletops, and other public places, you can also use them as a refreshing face cloth after a day spent in transit. The alcohol in many wet wipes helps remove ink stains in a pinch, too. For guaranteed stain protection, pack a few.

Inflatable Pillow You cannot only use the pillow on a plane but it can also make a long bus or train trip more comfortable too. If your room doesn’t have enough pillows put the inflatable one under the bed pillow for more support or use it to elevate your feet after a long day of sightseeing.

Safety Pins The safety pin: a multi-functional travel tool. Clasp the zippers of your day pack together to deter thieves; use in place of a missing button, zipper pull, or to mend other wardrobe malfunctions; tack kids’ pant legs up when hiking through mucky terrain; even prevent static cling in a dress or skirt by slipping the safety pin into the seam of your slip (the metal has properties to repel static.)

Anti-Theft Tote Bag Many shops abroad charge extra for single-use plastic bags, so BYO bag with an expandable tote. Bring one that’s tough enough to toss around as a carry-on and handle farmers’ market, picnic, and beach items, too. Important- look for locking zippers to keep pickpockets out.

Anti-Theft Daypack   One of the most useful items frequent flyers pack is a bag that can double as your carry-on bag. Select from fashion styles or adventure styles. Many designs are gender-neutral. Anti-theft features included locking zippers, anti-slash material at vulnerable design points and allow you to wear the pack on your back with peace of mind knowing the hands of thieves and pickpockets will be kept out.

All-weather jacket with a hood  Avoid packing a cumbersome umbrella that you could easily lose. Make sure the jacket is lightweight and generous in size so you can layer it over a T=Shir and sweater.

Luggage Scale Protect yourself from overweight fees, especially after you’ve stuffed a few souvenirs into your bag for the way home. Of course, if you weigh your luggage at home and don’t add anything to it, you don’t need this. luggage scale frequent flyer packBonus Advice from What Frequent Travelers Pack

A few bonus tips to consider when trying packing for your destination are climate and selecting clothes can you layer and mix and match. I pack several T-shirts I can wear under a lightweight sweater and then top with a jacket that has a hood. Additionally, another tip from what frequent flyers pack is to limit your travel wardrobe to three colors that you can mix or match.

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