How to Prevent Theft at Airport Screening

BY Beth Williams

Theft At Airport Screening Stations – This is a Must Read!

Unfortunately, thefts at airport screening stations have been reported at airports around the world.  While this is not a very common type of theft, it is one that can really turn a trip sideways, because it typically includes the theft of passports or wallets or other valuables you keep in your carry-on.

The scam is pulled off a few different ways.  One way is by using two scammers.  The thieves target you and right before you enter the screening line, both of the scammers walk in front of you in the line.

The first scammer goes thru screening without issue, however, the second one holds up the line by spending time removing items from their pockets.  Sometimes they even drop change on the ground to slow things down.

All of this is done to allow your bag to go to the other side of the screening station to be picked up by the first scammer, while you are still waiting for the 2nd scammer to finish putting his/her items into the screening belt. This type of thefts happen around the world and is used to steal purses, laptops or other valuables

What Can You Do to Prevent it From Happening To You?

When flying with a companion make sure one of you has cleared the detector before your valuables get placed onto the conveyor belt, that way the person on the other side of the xray machine can pick up the bags.

When you don’t have a traveling companion and there are unavoidable lines, delay putting your luggage and laptop on the conveyor belt until you’re sure you’ll be the next person through the metal detector. And, as you move through the detector, keep your eyes on the conveyor belt and watch for your luggage and laptop to come through at the other end, while keeping a ‘sharp eye’ on what those in front of you are picking up.